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    5 Dec 2007, 15:20 by faustevil9


    In Europe ver' のは出だしだけ聞くと早いと感じてしまうが、聴き勧めるうちに、特にアドリブ部にさしかかると、その意味がわかる。

  • Music and Musings for the last week in June 2006

    29 Jun 2006, 15:32 by beelzbubba

    Miles Davis's quintet of the 1960s is one of the most elegant and eloquent in all of jazz, especially of the so-called "hard bop" era. Columbia documented quite a bit of the band's studio output and live sets, which were rare as hen's teeth back in the day, can now be had reasonably.

    Still, gems like the Salle Pleyel date from November 6, 1967 tend to bubble up to the surface through sketchy outfits like Jazz Music Yesterday. Don't know how they got a hold of No Blues and I promise not to ask too many questions. I've had this one a few years and I put it on every once in a while to hear the 2nd "classic quintet" put their spin on 'Round Midnight, No Blues, or On Green Dolphin Street.

    I have a few of these Miles cd's that have a hard time seeing the light of day through normal channels. They don't appear to be boots--that is, they carry a label and a jewel box and nominal credits.

    Here's a sampling of what is out there, but may only be available in Europe or Asia. …