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Could there be any more confrontational sound in Miles Davis' vast catalog than the distorted guitars and tinny double-timing drums reacting to a two-note bass riff funking it up on the first track from On the Corner? Before the trumpet even enters the picture, the story has been broken off somewhere in the middle, with deep street music melding with a secret language held within the band and those who can actually hear this music – certainly not the majority… read more



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  • Avatar for GoatUser
    I can't imagine what kind of youth Miles knew to think they'd all wanna listen to this - This is pretty much impossible to dance to.
  • Avatar for MisterJunior
    @magickalmoon I can hear a Kosmische Musik vibe on this and definitely on In a Silent Way.
  • Avatar for magickalmoon
    Does a lot of this remind anyone else of Komischemusik or "Krautrock?" Particularly the last two minutes of "Vote for Miles" and the first minute of "Black Satin."
  • Avatar for PhnomPencil
    Though this is one of my favourite albums I understand the initial hate, it's abrasive as fuck.
  • Avatar for MisterJunior
    People calling this a "sellout" effort (which, to be fair, includes some of Miles' former band members and plenty of other jazz musicians of the time) are just wrong. In order to "sell out" you have to make safe, palatable music with an established audience. Several years later when jazz fusion was a big thing (which it became because of records like this one, Bitches Brew, In a Silent Way, Herbie Hancock's stuff of the time, etc.), if Miles had spontaneously crapped out a fusion album THEN, then we could talk about how he'd "sold out" to move a few units, but making these early attempts at merging jazz with rock and funk was really the most dangerous thing he could do: he alienated many of the more conservative jazz fans and critics who made up a good chunk of his audience in those days and he had to appeal to and win over fans of entirely different genres. It was a big risk, but it worked not because the music was "safe" -- far from it -- but because the music was so GOOD.
  • Avatar for jefffq
    anyone know what corner this is?
  • Avatar for bantha_fodder_
    Best goddamn album.
  • Avatar for Brannu
    This album is incredible. Anyone who says this is Miles "selling out" needs to listen to this it again and compare it to any of the fusion that was being done at this time and you will realize that the greatest of all time was still "Miles Ahead".
  • Avatar for zarqu
    The selling out part has always baffled me. Miles said that he wanted to connect with the young black audience which was listening to rock and funk, but c'mon... On The Corner was too weird for most people on the corner!
  • Avatar for samtfrost
    Revisiting the album on The Complete On The Corner Sessions, one can only wonder who it was that critics felt Davis was selling out to.

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