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  • Avatar for freedomslaves22
    thank you ! for the concert in Berlin!
  • Avatar for S1D1991
    Greetings from Ukraine))
  • Avatar for pavel_gosplan
    тайд это пушка [два]
  • Avatar for simontogo
    new album is good!!!
  • Avatar for Makaron4a
    тайд это пушка
  • Avatar for VVayfinder
    Basically I enjoyed Tide more than any other their previous records
  • Avatar for Partisane
    While I enjoy Tide, to me Endless Roads is still their best work. Maybe I was just too hyped about the first new album in 5 years and expected something else though.
  • Avatar for cesar_recall
    Their two last albums are definitely the better ones. This "new" sound's a step forward from the self-titled and Consequences.
  • Avatar for Exile92
    It's a good record on its own I guess, but they haven't changed much since their debut...
  • Avatar for Himsotep
    new album is a masterpiece
  • Avatar for Rocolocosch
    Grateful is great :)
  • Avatar for FakeYourBro
    Grateful isnt bad <3
  • Avatar for paintchipsaway
    one of the best hardcore bands ever, they always get me so pumped up
  • Avatar for Jordy15 So good
  • Avatar for jokerburn
    New Song 'Let the words roll by' is a blast!! Can't wait to see them Live
  • Avatar for yurrass
    Они ахуенны
  • Avatar for EdMcRae
    one of the best hardcore bands - so far I cannot get bored of them.
  • Avatar for jokerburn
    Rewind, Repeat... Album, One Big Song. Awesome!
  • Avatar for Zombienation333
    Best hardcore album of 2010. After three years, I still feel ghosebumps when I listen to Endless Roads. Australia + hardcore = assured awesomeness.
  • Avatar for cleany
    Hardcore from The Netherlands thanks for checking us out!
  • Avatar for Partisane
    a euro tour would be dope.. [2]
  • Avatar for shanextaylor
    they dont even tour australia enough
  • Avatar for AlexBrutal
    a euro tour would be dope..
  • Avatar for eurospirt
    "Rewind, Repeat... (2007)" <3
  • Avatar for Droligen
    ахуенно [2]
  • Avatar for Bad-Religioner
    so fuckin fast. and awesome. i have no words
  • Avatar for sundowning1
    Brisbane's Milestones debut record In Time Clarity You'll Find. For fans of Basement, Title Fight and Saves The Day.
  • Avatar for Bad-Religioner
  • Avatar for rogertonepit
    Awesome Aussie HxCx, pretty shit!
  • Avatar for Hooply
    Ну кошерные, что тут ещё сказать
  • Avatar for drumaboy70
    this band is so good
  • Avatar for FallOutTalTal
    <3 <3 <3
  • Avatar for hooolahoopist
  • Avatar for Itamar95
    <3 <3
  • Avatar for Meloman182
    guys, come to Ukraine!)) [2]
  • Avatar for xAntonxBasSx
    guys, come to Ukraine!))
  • Avatar for HAWK-666
  • Avatar for ManFromAlabama
  • Avatar for Ross-666
    Очень четко)
  • Avatar for BornaNG sorri for the irrelevant post. :) but if anyone has time to check out our new song, we'd appreciate it! THANK YOU
  • Avatar for BornaNG
  • Avatar for aFonderReel
    v we won't. stop spamming. if you are in a good band you don't need this.
  • Avatar for Before_I_Die_
    порадовали австралийцы
  • Avatar for TomSutraLovi
    New song, check it and share it if you think it's worth it!
  • Avatar for matthewsage
    Relations (ex-Harbours) is a new melodic hardcore band from southern California who play fast, honest, heartfelt hardcore. Check out their debut EP:
  • Avatar for TheHardyKangaro
    @crazy_bzzz: sosi huyi
  • Avatar for sisforsilly
  • Avatar for xchopsandmashx
    England would be nice!
  • Avatar for raymoon182
    Check out my band! <3. We're an upcoming Melodic Hardcore band from Ventura County, CA.
  • Avatar for crazy_bzzz


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