7 Apr 2008, 10:10 by plumindustries

    Last week Melbourne, this week Sydney. Much has happened.

    Highlights from the Melbourne International Biennale of Exploratory Music
    Night 1. @The TOTE - Daniel Menche is someone to experience, totally wild; Valerio Tricoli & Sean Baxter make for a great duo. Night 2. @ABC Studios - Chris Abrahams solo performance was by far my favourite experience for the evening. Night 3. @The TOFF - Jérôme Noetinger (I TOTALLY LOVE THIS GUY!!) what more can i say really; Lukas Simonis is fun and quite a gestural performer; Post were very entertaining as well providing some comic relief and a quirky country music vibe - a lot of fun. I was feeling rather tired by Night 4… such a great festival Fox & Pateras - Nice one!

    Sydney highlight - Chris Abrahams and Mike Cooper @The Seymour Centre
    Two musicians I really admire coming together in a duo. Such great improvisers. Their performance takes you on a journey. Their CD Oceanic Feeling-Like is available on ROOM40.

    Coming up on 12 April Sydney - What Is Music?
  • 2007 in review...

    22 Dec 2007, 00:25 by justin4064

    dear diary,
    here is my biggest 36 musical occurrences for 2007, not confined to top albums or tracks or whatever, because sometimes one track is better than one album or an album is far greater that the sum of its parts. This also means I can include gigs or whatever...

    here goes:

    37Icky Thump (album) - the white stripes
    made up for the last album, just

    36 Róisín Murphy goes to the disco
    and she had everyone thinking she was the crazy one. fooled you! its a good album, i was hoping for some more murphy-herbert warm and runny goodness, instead i got wizz fizz. i'm still not sure how i feel about that...

    35 Shy Child
    dancing music, not driving music. apparently they’re great live…?

    34 Comin' Atcha - cleopatra
    its cheesy, its shit but i have the album so i am better that you all. (thank you 1997)

    33 Brianstorm - arctic monkeys
    good track, great film clip. the album was a little homogeneous.

    32 Grinderman
    nick cave with balls, grunt and other such masculinity type things. highlight: No Pussy Blues
  • Mileece at Faster than sound - June 2006

    10 Feb 2007, 01:14 by i0i

    Mileece had an installation in the Nuclear bunker at Faster Than Sound. It was called the p*2 Project. On entering a small dark room you were asked to remove shoes and socks, then walk around a plant somehow central to the whole installation.

    I made the first mistake of the visit, walking straight in wearing my shoes and onto the bark chippings. Someone pointed to the notice and I returned to the safe zone to remove my shoes, slightly confused.

    My friend and I stood watching the people tip toe round the plant. They touched the leaves, it was wired up to a computer, measurements of a plant/human signals were being interpreted as sounds. My friend announced that it was all a hoax, in objection to the shoe rule. In an instant we were being challenged by a woman who appeared from behind a curtain.

    It turns out Mileece's control-center was right next to us. She was none too happy with the comment, and insisted that the plant was creating the sounds. I walked off, expecting him to return fire with insults and mockery. …
  • Ensemble: inverno e uragani?

    29 Dec 2006, 12:07 by GoPlastic

    Da qualche mese ho scoperto Ensemble, artista che ha pubblicato il primo lavoro su Rephlex, e poi questo secondo per la FatCat.
    Sono rimasto deluso dal primo, Sketch Proposals abbastanza incostante e discontinuo nella sua bellezza.
    Non posso dire altrettanto di Ensemble, s/t album dalla bellezza stucchevole.
    Si sente un concetto di fondo, e mi sembra di aver sentito parlasse di uragani e del suo effetto sulla vita delle persone. Ma correggetemi, potrei sbagliarmi.
    All'interno sentiamo le voci di Mileece e Chan Marshall (Cat Power) oltre a quella di Lou Barlow (Dinosaur Jr). Inoltre troviamo anche il contributo alla batteria di Adam Pierce (mùm,Mice Parade...).
    Un album che viaggia tra elettronica, folk, noise e orchestrale.
    Sono 3 a mio avviso le tracce principali: Disown, Delete, All We Leave Behind e Loose.
    Miglior disco del 2006 della mia collezione, e credo che nei prossimi 2 giorni non avrò altre soprese.

    Nuovo su last fm!

  • Paradigm Shift radio show playlist for 11/9/06

    11 Sep 2006, 03:00 by sebsnarl

    The Paradigm Shift is a weekly Monday night radio show presented by Sub Bass Snarl on Sydney radio station 2SER fm 107.3MHz - see for the live web stream!

    It airs Monday nights 2030 hours for 90 minutes (Australian Eastern Standard Time - GMT+10)

    Tonight we start off with some jazz before heading towards folk and emerging out thru some crystalline electronics.

    Alice Coltrane - Turiya (Impulse Japan)
    Reminder - As It's Falling (Eastern Developments)
    Joe Haider - Colours Of Sea (Sonar Kollektiv)
    Sao Paolo Underground - Pombaral (Aesthetics)
    Four Tet - Fume (Output)
    Midwinter - The Skater (Castle)
    Espers - Dead Queen (Drag City)
    Yo La Tengo - Daphnia (Matador)
    Feathers - Ap(parenthe)synthesis (Home Tapes)
    Cut Chemist - Metrorail The Space (Warners)
    Trentmoller - Miss You (Poker Flat)
    Quench - Caipruss (n5MD)
    Mileece - Tau (Planet Mu)
    The Gentleman Losers - Silver Mountain (Buro)
    Grizzly Bear - Lullabye (Warp)
  • CDr n° 70

    3 Mar 2006, 10:45 by Eaten_Oedipus

    Belle and Sebastian - The Life Poursuit (Matador)
    Benjamin Britten - War Requiem
    Debmaster - Monster Zoo (Hip Notik Records)
    Ella Fitzgerald - Ella at Juan-Les-Pins (Verve Records)
    Freak Electrique - Symphony Electrique EP (Viewlexx)
    Halma - Back to Pascal (Sunday Service)
    Mileece - Formations (Lo Recordings)
    Prins Thomas - Goettsching EP (Full Pupp)
    The Feelies - Crazy Rythms (A & M)
    The Roots - Illadelph Halflife (Geffen)
    Tomas Andersson - Copy Cat EP (Bpitch Control)