• Crack Music plant 2010

    17 Dec 2009, 18:07 by Crack-Music

    Die Geschäftsführung von Label "Crack Music Entertainment" mit der Firma "Pretzsch & Soyer GbR" plant bereits schon fleißig die Projekte für 2010. Im nächsten Jahr wird definitiv die EP von Mike Johnson kommen, sowie der Sampler von Crack Music Entertainment "Volume I". Ausserdem wird Anfang 2010 eine Onlinesingle von M.A.N. über iTunes, MusicLoad, JAMBA & Co. erscheinen.
    Alle Details und genauere Info`s gibt`s im Forum auf
  • Intro

    14 Aug 2006, 23:51 by ConsumerComrade

    I'm not much of an online jounal junkie, but what the heck - here goes.

    I've been involved in online music projects for a few years. Mostly as a helper, rarely as a leader. I spent a lot of time in the early days of MusicBrainz ( helping clean up meta data. It's a great project that deserves your support. Check it out.

    My musical tastes are broad, ranging from the conventional to the extreme. I'm currently exploring and enjoying post rock. I play a bit of drums and a bit of bass. I find mixing and recording fun too but like everything else I'm more of a dabbler than an expert.

    My two sons are into music as well. I've tried to get them to play with me but so far no luck. My 14 year old likes bass and my 16 year old plays piano and guitar. Maybe some day. :)

    What did I listen to today? Mike Johnson, Keelhaul and Isis. Good stuff. I highly recommend all three.

    There we go. My first online journal entry. Yay!
  • Built to spill at bogarts

    1 Sep 2005, 21:17 by for_a_film

    well ladies and gents, i am going to see one of my favorite bands and the end of the month. Built to Spill at bogarts on the 28 or 29 i believe. with special guests Mike Johnson and slow runner. I am becoming more and more anxious as the days draw closer to this event. i will more than likely take pictures. so i may post em somewhere. Later.