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Michael Holiday Is An Up And Coming Rapper Finding Success In All Avenues Of Music..

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  • Avatar for Bitterempathy
    thats wrong, you cant apply that method onto "current popularity" because its not a concrete statement, and changes over time, rap in the 90's was alot better than now, but you see thats why those calculations you just made cant be applied. expo's as i remeber is data that is constant, not in the form of all y values the same, but the idea that it will forever increase, with rap artists that shit comes up and down, its unpredictable and unstable. the only chances of him trying to be anything is being unique and he doesnt have it, he's a copy cat of drake, lil wayne, and fucking wiz khalifa. we already have those so why have another one'?
  • Avatar for Kristinamcrhart
    @BE, i agree, but lets look at the stats, or in this case the calc of the information thats provided, let F(X)=2^x be the rappers that are currently popular with respect to data. and let the comparison be rap that was lets say 10 years ago. if we were to put this this exponential form we can see through a graph that it increases exponentially, (we learned this is economic calc) vs. rap in the 90's. we have this because of sales, and popularity. and the ones who are popular right now (not in UR) are those rappers that talk about anything but weed bitches ect. although this is the trend he still wouldnt be able to meet the standards. his lyrics dont make sense, and he raps about the same exact thing as a consumer i can catch that just by listening to two of his songs. im pretty sure the odds are greatly stacked up against him.
  • Avatar for Bitterempathy
    @Kristinamcrhart roger that! i couldnt agree more, i think if he was to be set up with managment from any sub minor lables such as those for UR, he'd be out of there with tears. with so many rappers trying to meet at the same point, cuttin out the garbage isnt hard non the less this shit.
  • Avatar for Kristinamcrhart
    not really iknow what your talking and most of those people signed ont to TIDJR or better known as def jam recording, they were like this before i can garentee you that, my stepdad knows the co-owner for the entire company, wejust recognize them as smaller grouped labels, they did this for genera's of music. like most coorperate they do nothing pretty much just sit and get paid basically. but i've met many producers such as teh one in UMGN, or nashville universal, UMe, UMLE, either way the hippie genera wasnpurposed until they left the label. either way he's gonna have to be really distinct from others, which he's pretty common to find, he's not very like versitle.
  • Avatar for Bitterempathy
    @Kristinamcfhart which u.s minor label does your s.d know? a good friend of mine works for DLG *decca lable group (UMG) she told me the way the look for artists is pretty much the popularity contest "money maker" image. maybe atfirst but what about lil wayne, wiz, and all that hippy nation hip hop shit? i know they're bound to pick him up if he gets big....
  • Avatar for Kristinamcrhart
    woah @Bitterempathy your right, im on reverbnation all the time,his music isnt great, and you might be wrong my step/dad is personal friends with co-finder of universal records and i can tell you that what he's rapping about isnt gonna cut it. i think he's trying to be like whiz kalifa @ chanewestcoast m.i.a isnt from here anyways who cares if he says paper planes. but from an consumers point of view he pretty much raps about the same stuff every song. weed...banging girls, taking over stuff, drinking...and more weed. he should have a bigger vocab. frequently companies look on reverb to see who's actually gaining popularity, but they also look at your other profiles if you were to be a public figure his weed shit wouldnt do much. they look for money makers, he doesnt have it. cooperate will eat him alive!
  • Avatar for Bitterempathy
    @Chanelwestcoast big ups 2 u, i agree except i think he can rap, just the music suks.
  • Avatar for chanelwestcoast
    lmfa HASHTAG! im so sick of that shit # # # # # @Bitterempathy your right,i think he might not wanna listen to what you or neone has to say for that matter. & yeah paper planes is from m.i.a swaggerjack from a girl how bout hashtaggin that lmfao #iswagjackM.I.A cause i cant find nuttin original to rap bout. u know he's slep in idk how many peeps couch and floor and shit this nigga wouldnt even eat cuz he wanna be a rapper #DUMBFUCK
  • Avatar for Bitterempathy
    I wouldnt be surprised if you do get famouse, theres an avenue for terrible music you fit right in. all we listen to on the radio is terrible shit, so ya your probabily gonna get famous might have to work hard for it but you'll get'll never be compared to the rappers that made this possible just to let you know. you are not rap, all you rap about is weed, cars, and bitches. rap use to be about the community, the people in these communities, you are just another fucked up generation of garbage. copy cat to lil wayne, BTW STOP SAYING PAPER PLANES THATS M.I.A shit, not YOURS! get your own frequent quote! look at the spider web people say your good so they can be noticed more and vise verza. mannn stop sleep on homeboys couch, basements, and cars. this shit is wat got u in the dumps in the first place, and there u go like a fucking dumb ass doin it again. #rapfordummies101 #hippielifefuksu #theuniversedoesntrevolveroundu

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