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  • Avatar for almerindo_lana
    @regressboy Really? He doesn't produce trance nowadays... check that out.
  • Avatar for tranceStation
    take a look
  • Avatar for madzialenena
    He creates my favourite kind of trance. He's awesome. The best trance dj
  • Avatar for RaiN989
    Pandora (The Blizzard Remix) Awesome trance
  • Avatar for Hoaquin90
    Silver Lake (DNS Project Remix) просто завораживающий трек, столько эмоций [2]
  • Avatar for Olveng
    One of the best producers there is at the moment, imo!
  • Avatar for RmaNTrance
    I Love The Love Theme Dusk Song in Armin's word:one of those tracks who make you remember 2005!
  • Avatar for daniel-2006
    Like this music? Have a look at:
  • Avatar for trance2live
    If it comes to Shipwrecked, Gareth Emery Remix >> John O'Callaghan vs. Mike Foyle Club Mix IMO
  • Avatar for Eon_Light
    Красота )
  • Avatar for Prisonbull
    Please, change this horrible photo. ;/
  • Avatar for psyduhk
    so hypnotic and dreamlike x3 i love mike foyle:)
  • Avatar for Nise92
    pandora is awesome but the blizzard remix is much more better
  • Avatar for R-Chizzle14
    pandora(blizzard rmx) & Firefly. xD [2]
  • Avatar for 30SToMars
  • Avatar for lovinjuubejbi
  • Avatar for Milanowitsj
    pandora transcends time for me. one of the best trance tracks ever for me. [2] Feels like dreaming, on of the few trance tracks I really like.
  • Avatar for jukasi
    tienes que escucharlo!!
  • Avatar for hbnjxtr64
  • Avatar for NeuralParadox
    Shipwrecked while stoned = <3
  • Avatar for 6630RPY :D
  • Avatar for samoskandy
    LISTEN TO THE MUSIC OF SAM OSKANDY A FRENCH DJ ON happy new year at all !!
  • Avatar for KrisJAllen
    He has some great new tracks on his facebook page (Black Magic, Promenade) but they haven't been released yet... argh!
  • Avatar for darkengan
  • Avatar for sisterzero0
    bittersweet nightshade !
  • Avatar for mvodak
    pandora transcends time for me. one of the best trance tracks ever for me.
  • Avatar for islesofstyle
    pandora(blizzard rmx) & Firefly. xD
  • Avatar for Velimirius
    9 mins are passing like 1.
  • Avatar for Velimirius
    Pandora piano is so amazing...
  • Avatar for trancelover89
    Jolly Roger !!
  • Avatar for fanatka_rox
    Bittersweet Nightshade <3
  • Avatar for Caeshijque
    sweet sammy jane & bittersweet nightshade are cool tracks, but the best track is and will be the blizzard remix of pandora, the remix is just fantastic, although the original isn't that good ...
  • Avatar for k2core
    wurd to the last two shouts:P.
  • Avatar for IndustrialGuru
    Bittersweet nigtshade omg and blizzards remix of pandora omg OMG :P
  • Avatar for tron1c
    OMG, I fuckin' love the Blizzard Remix of PANDORA!! (BTW: All Mike Foyle trackz rock!)
  • Avatar for Ewout_Smits
    his new track Sweet Sammy Jane is amazing !! :D
  • Avatar for IlyaLeewor
    Pandora (Original Mix) меня от этой мелодии так штырит 0_о
  • Avatar for tonca1
    foda, foda, foda!!!
  • Avatar for SANLEGAS
  • Avatar for pinchyd
    dude.......REALEASE AN ALBUM!!! this stuff is amazing!!
  • Avatar for dRjB7-23
    Pandora (The Blizzard Remix)
  • Avatar for GadDi3L
    if you LOVE remixes then join to this NEW group [url=♥+Remixes] I ♥ Remixes[/url]
  • Avatar for GirishBhaskaran
    'Pandora' was cool - made better by the Blizzard. Bittersweet nightshade was great. No wonder it was on ASOT 2008
  • Avatar for Gerard1992
    Bittersweet Nightshade, Firefly, Shipwrecked, great tunes,
  • Avatar for ErickMx
  • Avatar for TTeTpoBu4
    Him piano mix it miracle...
  • Avatar for Alex_Frazer
    Very nice tunes! Can't wait for the LP to be released.
  • Avatar for ribuzaza
    Just checked Mike's remix of Headstrong feat. Shelley Harland - Helpless. It's really something special!
  • Avatar for ribuzaza
    Pandora (The Blizzard remix). Nothing more to say:)
  • Avatar for sebinho7
    He's good. Very good.


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