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At the 35th Grammy Awards, KEVAN TYNES, who sung lead vocals and was drummer on this recording, sat on the front row next to Shirley Ceasar and her guests. The Mighty Majors bandleader ,George Bishop, played keyboards; Cirt Gill wrote this song,and played trumpet, along with Jesse Banner and Buck Holloway on Sax. Garland was on bass. Mack Bennett sung background. Richard Butler sung second lead vocals. Charles Carlton played guitar ; Willard 'Moe' Wright played trombone. The Mighty Majors won 1st place at The Apollo Theater in Harlem, and were the first band to give the prize money back to the audience in gratitude for their win. Other noteable artist that were in the group are founder Clarence 'Smitty' Smith, and double-platinum artist Carlton Morales from Julian Lennon's "Vallotte" album. Carlton Morales, Nat Corbitt, and Kevan Tynes went on to play in Betty Davis' (Miles Davis' wife) Funkhouse Band with disco artist Tracy Weber (Sure Shot) and Nicky Neal, (another former drummer with The Mighty Majors). Kevan Tynes went on to record with Larry Lee of Jimi Hendrix' Band Of Gypsys at Woodstock, and Aaron Purdie , (Al Green and James Brown's drummer.) Cirt Gill and The Jam-A-Ditty Band also featured KEVAN TYNES on 'Turn This Disco Out'. George Bishop and Kevan Tynes also produced "Loving You/ You's A Lie" on the Big Brother label. Ladies and Gentlemen…The Mighty Majors!!!

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