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  • Avatar for nickz98
    hey deserve a lot more attention [7]
  • Avatar for W0TAR0
    ребята то что надо!
  • Avatar for Galchenyuk
    hey deserve a lot more attention [6]
  • Avatar for Socjopatologia
    god damn, I discovered this band today and looks like I like it a lot.
  • Avatar for knight_88
    hey deserve a lot more attention [5]
  • Avatar for johnny_richter
    Come to Poland!
  • Avatar for bloody72
    pozdrowienia ze Ślaska dla fanów Middle Class Rut
  • Avatar for kay_kay95
    hey deserve a lot more attention [4]
  • Avatar for Cylob
    Wot no Cornbread in the chart?! Love, love, love that track.
  • Avatar for Daniel_Green
  • Avatar for pietschiplatsch
    They deserve a lot more attention [3]
  • Avatar for Hetfield55
    new album - review for the german fans:
  • Avatar for prime1128
    New album is real solid.
  • Avatar for GNR27
    They deserve a lot more attention [2]
  • Avatar for G8Rbuttercups
    I agree bloody-origami'' They're the 1st band on the line -up at the Zoo amp. in OKC;)
  • Avatar for bloody-origami
    They deserve a lot more attention.
  • Avatar for bobo9390
    they were absolutely incredible live yesterday
  • Avatar for GNR27
    Ain't heavy, but fucking good!
  • Avatar for LuuizOnFire
    new album rooocks! 2
  • Avatar for Coolbutlame
    The new album is so heavy. Love it.
  • Avatar for NESkimoFan12
    Born Too Late is a furious runaround, excellent opening track that holds me over for the good part of the album later on. Definitely helps get over the weaker tracks right after it.
  • Avatar for reverse20
    Pick Up Your Head is a good album, these guys keep getting better.
  • Avatar for Windowplane
    new album rooocks!
  • Avatar for Loaded-Gun
  • Avatar for bloody-origami
    New album is fun as ballz )
  • Avatar for starktargaryen
    Group created to Taste-O-Meter. All are welcome! =)
  • Avatar for norcalternative
    Great Sacramento band! Eagerly awaiting new album.
  • Avatar for NESkimoFan12
    Can't wait for a new album. Anyone catch wind of when?
  • Avatar for lilcia14
    Want to see them live, they're great :O
  • Avatar for Too-Loud
    These guys are great... Just happy I'm giving them a fair listen now. I remember hearing "New Low" a year or so back, but they're solid all around.
  • Avatar for CrimeForDummies
    Aunt Betty's got some definite groove going on. Massively stoked for the new album
  • Avatar for GNR27
    And time for a new, awesome album!
  • Avatar for GNR27
    Way better than JEFF
  • Avatar for Parabellum13x
    it's like a really generic version of Jeff the Brotherhood
  • Avatar for cdogg321
    wicked band! you don't have a song im not obsessed with
  • Avatar for Fred101
    I thought this was Perry Farrell, too! Not a bad thing at all, though. Great band.
  • Avatar for AllenPlaylist
    Saw them in Indianapolis. I was all :O
  • Avatar for toto4heineken
    New Low and Busy Bein' Born fucking luuuv :D
  • Avatar for threebright
    :D :D :D :D
  • Avatar for guijoker
  • Avatar for zuh_desperado
    welcome to the [[url=]duos community[/url]] !
  • Avatar for dukeleeto
    thought it was perry farrell :P
  • Avatar for Lechusz
    classico! new low blowing heads off
  • Avatar for Revski87
    Busy bein born is good shit
  • Avatar for lolcorey
    Seriously one of the most underrated bands I've come across lately. Heard "New Low" at the radio station I work for and decided to try the album on a hunch. "New Low" pales in comparison to some of the other tracks! I couldn't be more pleasantly surprised with them - astoundingly awesome music.
  • Avatar for ksmilegak
    new low <3 <3
  • Avatar for itrock
    Lifelong Dayshift
  • Avatar for V0LTA13
    I really hope these guys get more attention. They deserve it.
  • Avatar for DogmaChain
    We had 3000 people boo this band and just stand there, and then go crazy for CAKE Bush and a local ska band.
  • Avatar for HugeEgo
    AAmazing! rocked the shit outta the strutt!


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