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  1. With a career spanning over 20 years, it is obvious that Twigy has been one of the founders and pioneers of the Japanese hip hop scene. His…

  2. LAMP EYE was formed in 1993 by GAMA, Rino Latina II, and DJ YAS in the Roppongi night club "Droopy Drawers". As a group, they only released two…

  3. YOU THE ROCK★ (real name: Hiroshi Tademae), born September 5th, 1971, is a Japanese Hip Hop Artist. He came onto the scene in the early 1990s, and…

  4. A Hip Hop trio from Mito Japan
    the group consists of:
    Gocci, Tad's A.C. & Dj Denka
    good jazzy, boom bap kinda music

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  6. NIPPS is a Japanese hip hop artist. After spending several years in Brooklyn, New York, he returned to Japan in 1995 along with Dev Large and DJ…

  7. Dabo (ダボ Dabo) is a Japanese rapper. He first appeared on the Japanese hip-hop scene in the 1990s, collaborating in a Shakkazombie song, Tomo ni…

  8. OZROSAURUS was formed in the summer of 96.
    OZROSAURUS (a.k.a.Large monster of Hama) consists of Tomo (born in '77), Maccho (born in '78) and…

  9. D.L (a.k.a. DEV Large) Buddha Brand MC

  10. NIPPS(Roberta Crack)+B.D. the Brobus(Killa Turner)+SPERB(Diana Boss)+VIKN(6 Mil. Dollar Man)

  11. There are at least 2 artists that go by this name:

    1) MSC (Mic Space Crew), an underground and often political Japanese hip-hop act.

    2) msc…

  12. KIERUMAKYU (キエるマキュウ) japanese hip hop unit consisting of MC:s CQ and MAKI THE MAGIC from BUDDHA BRAND and DJ Illicit Tsuboi.

  13. KIMIDORI (キミドリ) was a japanese hip hop group. Members: Takeshi Kubota (MC/DJ/Procuder) / Kuro-ovi (MC) / DJ Makoto. Formed in 1991. Disbanded in…

  14. Illmariachi is an japanese hip hop duo. Members are 刃頭 (DJ HAZU) & Tokona-X.

  15. ラッパ我リヤ(Rappagariya) - japanese hip hop group consisting of two MC:s (Q and 山田マン) and one DJ (DJ TOSHI).

  16. KAMINARI-KAZOKU. — japanese hip hop group. Members:
    DJ YAS

  17. 四街道NATURE (四街道ネイチャー) (eng. Yotsukaido Nature) japanese hip hop group.

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  19. K-Dub Shine (Real Name, Kouta Kagami was born and raised in Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan). Waking up to hip-hop in his teens during his 8 year stay in…

  20. The leader of M.O.S.A.D. with "E"QUAL & AKIRA,also a former member of Ill Mariachi with DJ HAZU.


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