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  • Avatar for aimee026
    I just finished How I Met Your Mother season 4. I know I'm late, but God, I love "Careful". That song suddenly made me search for all her songs. She's awesome.
  • Avatar for Azoo0ooz
    She's so damn underrated. She should be a huge star! She sings so beautifully.
  • Avatar for soultronic
  • Avatar for crystalhaohao
    may i ask anybody know fallen down torrent?
  • Avatar for an_frynia
    <3 Back of the church
  • Avatar for cronodizima
  • Avatar for LinuxTrance
    Seriously, God Bless the Child is the most beautiful song I've ever heard
  • Avatar for Allan_Oroz
    She's fantastic.
  • Avatar for portishphonic
    ''Looking for love'' is wonderful
  • Avatar for oh_bloodyhell
    "Always For You" forever <3
  • Avatar for krikiki
    Love her song "Careful" from How I Met Your Mother [3]
  • Avatar for willi1365
    I gave up coffe and cigarettes, I hate to say it hasn't helped me yet.
  • Avatar for Micha_lyric
    everyone should really take at good listen to "my mistake" and " silverlake", awsome songs, you won´t be disapionted:)
  • Avatar for LizzDP
    Coffee and Cigarettes = loooooooove !!
  • Avatar for blabbers
  • Avatar for Catasthrophy
    Love her song "Careful" from How I Met Your Mother [2]
  • Avatar for Zeuq
  • Avatar for venimine
    Coffee & Cigarettes<3 How down-to-earth her lovely songs are.
  • Avatar for adrianeee
    if i build a wall a hundred feet tall would that keep you in?
  • Avatar for imsok00l
    oh my god, i just stumbled across her on Pandora and can't stop listlening!! she is amazing
  • Avatar for xo182002
    Love her song "Careful" from How I Met Your Mother
  • Avatar for lotteyatmusic
    love it
  • Avatar for txtlyy
    you're the love of my life
  • Avatar for Tomc90
    Omg she is way way underrated
  • Avatar for monemylinieko
    love coffee and cigarettes ;>
  • Avatar for BHess71
    Back of the church is beautiful!!
  • Avatar for nmatr
    O.T.H *-*
  • Avatar for nmatr
    Coffee and Cigarettes is an amazing song ..
  • Avatar for gwennylou
    One of my favorite artists. Coffee and Cigarettes is an amazing song.
  • Avatar for Risyea
    Perfect is perfect :)
  • Avatar for Lali89
    I'm looking for the piano partition too, if anybody has it.....
  • Avatar for Lali89
    the sweetest thing i've ever heard
  • Avatar for b3y0nd
    Is there someone who has the stay's piano partition?
  • Avatar for Freddychuk
    for all the fans of Michelle's music, there's a group open for her now... feel free to join and share...
  • Avatar for cavovo
    coffee and cigarettes...
  • Avatar for cavovo
    coffee and cigarettes.... mmm :)
  • Avatar for cavovo
    coffee and cigarettes.... mmm :)
  • Avatar for morski_pas
    It sounds good with or without tree hill :)
  • Avatar for NeoWilson
    yer. coffee and cigarettes :)
  • Avatar for zakru
    God Bless the Child at One Tree Hill = A masterpiece.
  • Avatar for ravens009
    I love the song coffee and cigarettes. It sounds really good on One Tree Hill.
  • Avatar for sunsetpeak
    Yes yes, what the person below said. Her songs are quiet but not to the point of boringness.
  • Avatar for norman_dudet
    This artist is amazing. Her lyrics are soulful and enticing while the music is beautiful and gentle. Wow!

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