• An introduction to the extensive work of Klaus Schulze

    21 Dec 2010, 20:16 by BruecknerSound

    Welcome, everybody :-)

    Recently, a LastFM friend asked me to recommend some Klaus Schulze albums.

    I tried to help, and eventually my answer grew longer and longer.
    Finally, I thought this might be interesting for other people as well.
    Therefore, I put it in this blog...

    I‘m interested in many musicians and listen to a lot of different and wonderful music, still Klaus Schulze is VERY special to me (for example, I fall asleep at most nights with his music on my earphones...).

    To enjoy Klaus Schulze, the listener needs quite a bit of patience. Most of his pieces are long (= more than 20 minutes) and gain their effect often if You listen to them as a whole - just some seconds and minutes here and there won't reveal their "secret".

    It's also good to remember that his live albums usually contain music that didn't exist before (as he usually to a large degree improvises live), on the other hand, many of his studio albums (especially the older ones) were done in a similar way (improvised, just in the studio. …