• Dry season

    19 Jan 2008, 13:40 by Tuokku

    I've resumed reading the Michael Palin book I bought in October, having put it aside for a while to read Life on Air, the memoirs of David Attenborough - another one of my great heroes. Interestingly, albeit unsurprisingly, Palin's diaries reveal a somewhat amusing connection between these two British TV legends: apparently Attenborough, as BBC's Director of Programmes, was one of the obstacles the Pythons had to overcome in their struggle to get better broadcast times for Monty Python's Flying Circus back in the early days of the show.

    Palin's book also contains some rather interesting references to 1970s popular music. For instance, a number of prominent artists invested money in the production of the Pythons' Holy Grail movie; the names of Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin and Andrew Lloyd Webber are mentioned. George Harrison turns up several times, seemingly becoming quite a close friend to Palin and attending the recording and mixing of the single version of Lumberjack Song, among other things. …
  • Blues traveler

    13 Oct 2007, 10:54 by Tuokku

    Flying is, for something that many people take completely for granted, actually a rather absurd process from the point of view of the passenger. For one thing, I think it's the closest approximation of macroscale teleportation that we have at the moment. It's far from instantaneous, of course, but there's very little spatial continuity, especially when flying above a dense cloud layer. You get ushered through a tube into a large metal cylinder and sealed in, you sit down and wait patiently, you hear noises and feel vibrations, you are served food and drink, a few hours later you walk through another tube and bam, there you are in another country, possibly another continent. Why do we think this is a perfectly normal thing for a human being to do?

    Then, of course, there are the safety measures. The onboard safety demonstration has grown a lot shorter over the years - the entire process now takes barely more time than they used to spend just explaining the highly intricate mechanics of…
  • Marooned

    2 Nov 2006, 09:21 by mrbiggs1977

    I've been away this week (still am, in fact) and have been busy as hell prior to that, so there hasn't been a great deal of scrobbling going on. I need to work out how to scrobble what I've been playing on my sexy new iPod Nano whilst I've been out and about, as that's by far the most accurate indication of what I've been enjoying recently. I loaded up loads more Neil Innes and Monty Python a few weeks ago, as well as reading Michael Palin's recently-published Python diaries. I believe all the Python albums have been reissued recently, so I ought to get hold of them.

    Other than that, our car stereo is a bit crap (cassette and dodgy radio only) therefore we've been subjected to a lot of Radio 2 this week. That's when we can get any radio reception at all - we're in a somewhat remote place - so it's been an intermittent diet of Rem, Neil bloody Sedaka and whatever else Ken Bruce deigns to play.

    More regular listening will commence at the weekend..