• The Year of 2007 In Hindsight

    2 Jan 2008, 02:55 by dpollard

    My overall feeling about the year is that it was neither a treasure trove nor a flop. I picked up new albums by many bands to whom I'd never listened. Out of my top eight albums of the year, half of them were from bands new to me. Bands with whom I was already familiar had mixed results for their new albums. I pulled out five albums that demonstrated very exciting improvements over previous releases. I also pulled out six albums that fell flat compared to previous releases. I should note that some of these slips involved a follow-up to an off-the-charts good album. Thus some of these slips were still killer records.

    I'm very happy that the disco high-hat trend has come and gone. Bands still use it, but it's not the defining feature of the landscape. And where it is, the band totally sucks.

    Here are the lists ... enjoy!

    Top records of the year:
    Blanket Ice (Luff)
    Cryptograms (Deerhunter)
    Icons, Abstract Thee (of Montreal)
    Neon Bible (The Arcade Fire)