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  • Avatar for kinsky
    I swear Justin Timberlake has a cameo on this track. ("did you see her")
  • Avatar for UnfortunatelyGr
    I love the more 'old school MJ' feel of this one.
  • Avatar for joabepereira97
  • Avatar for FindFireflies
    One of My Favorites [3]
  • Avatar for TheBrandyBoy
    One of My Favorites [2]
  • Avatar for Lovactioner
    Muito perfeita essa música <3
  • Avatar for pdc_canarias
  • Avatar for JustAKayee
    Legendary song, love it.
  • Avatar for sejaeterno
  • Avatar for linzi76
    Love this man forever, RIP Mike
  • Avatar for linzi76
    why you have to go michael? .....XXXX
  • Avatar for naynay1129
    sounds like something r kelly produced lovee this though
  • Avatar for sivetoblake
  • Avatar for Skywatcher
    Poignant...but has a little hope in it somewhere, too. :)
  • Avatar for Knightsin2dream
    One More Chance....One of My Favorites
  • Avatar for mjrules85
    eeeeeeeeeeee JUST FOUND IT
  • Avatar for mjrules85
    Does ANYONE know the remixed version of OMC that last.fms radio sometimes plays?? Been looking for it everywhere...can't find it anywhere...
  • Avatar for MJ5stars
    One more chance
  • Avatar for faszinationen
    I can't stop loving you...
  • Avatar for sejaeterno
  • Avatar for mjgurl16
    i love this song so much .....
  • Avatar for StrangerInWales
    Help me make these mysteries unfold...
  • Avatar for TomicTonic
    I can't believe I missed how beautiful this is... <3
  • Avatar for Phelipee
    this time gonna do my best to make it right, can't go on without you by my side (8)
  • Avatar for NeoG0han
  • Avatar for luv4michael
    I like it! What I would do to have him back.......
  • Avatar for bubba197810
    tell her this for mee!!!! one mo chance at luv
  • Avatar for ayko1
    pls give us one more chance mj...and come back
  • Avatar for Lukuzz
    Without a doubt one of his most underrated songs [4]
  • Avatar for shermainehall
    rip m j
  • Avatar for alk3mizt
    Without a doubt one of his most underrated songs [3]
  • Avatar for _stubbs_
    Without a doubt one of his most underrated songs [2]
  • Avatar for kinsky
    love it. I'm not an R.Kelly fan but the groove he fits for Michael's voice just works.
  • Avatar for veronicatolinto
    I love you forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Avatar for redcrush
    Ok. I have tried to listen to this song and I just can't get into it. I think that it's no coincidence that I can not stand any of the songs that R.Kelly has ever written for this man. The lyrics drive me up the wall. I would rather have Michael sing a song he wrote about how he had the runs after eating Taco Bell than to have him sing anything that R.Kelly wrote.
  • Avatar for kinsky
    Is Justin Timberlake saying "If you see her"?? Such a happy song..MJ forever..
  • Avatar for Rezelo
    The KING of POP R.I.P......
  • Avatar for Skywatcher
    I can't believe police raids stopped us ever getting a video for this song. For crap's sake!
  • Avatar for luckyleon
    The remix is playing for me, not the normal version :-(
  • Avatar for kimberlicia
    great vocals
  • Avatar for SummerGagaa
    Siete Bei, Michael.
  • Avatar for mctali
    I had no idea that I actually got 102 playes of that song LOL
  • Avatar for bsfag
    one of my faves ever! there are no words to explain how beautiful this song is...
  • Avatar for oOChildhoodOo
    I love this song. :)!
  • Avatar for lastfmgs
    this song should have been a hit
  • Avatar for iwatachan
  • Avatar for PYTx
    I Love This Song, One Of His Best x
  • Avatar for Tomo128
    Extra track!
  • Avatar for arianemj
    michael não foi e sim vai ser sempre o melhor
  • Avatar for riverflows
    ExCcCcUuSUusUSuusuEeeeE ME?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is not his only good song, you made me log in to comment! This is a great song yes but his only great song? No not at all. This song is a beautiful pop song but please... Michael Jackson has years and years of masterpieces. I think you should buy every single album from J5-The Ultimate collection then come back and tell me this is his only good song!


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