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  • Avatar for kinsky
    This is one of the tracks on the album that is actually him. His nephew and brother confirm this.
  • Avatar for ManOfTomorrow
    Great song, best one on the album ... :-)
  • Avatar for DeVilLageGirl
    If this is not MJ, who he is? I belive that in this song is his voice, but if it's not true...i don't know...I will very sad :( But even if it wasn't him i love this song - I'm still beliving that is MJ :) KING FOREVER!
  • Avatar for iTzAreXx
    this def dont sound like MICHAEL
  • Avatar for Jirogis
  • Avatar for redcrush
    This song is so awesome. Totally loving it.
  • Avatar for kargo08
    Best song on the new album!
  • Avatar for mysteriousjr
    I want this as the next single, it's FANTASTIC!
  • Avatar for RannieryFreitas
    Perfeita !
  • Avatar for pete-one
  • Avatar for TheNarratorX
    Whoa! Love this! MJ's vocals sound properly tweaked though, so many songs on this album are so overproduced.
  • Avatar for DamitaJo1814
    Too much similar to Dangerous. I really wonder if any of these songs on 'Michael' are actually MICHAEL only because all the songs on the album share such similarities to others Michael already created and released. Oh well, the songs are awesome real or not.
  • Avatar for CND380sec
    Great song! One of my faves already from Michael.
  • Avatar for Its_bitch
  • Avatar for ITSRODRIGO
    - perfect *-*
  • Avatar for Kubomil
    wonderful song, shoulda be a single
  • Avatar for GodOfVengeance
    One of my most favorite tracks ever!
  • Avatar for babamulon
    This might be for Elizabet Taylor. Search "Elizabeth I love you" on youtube,if you already don't have it. He sings there about Elizabeth coming to Hollywood, as a child star.
  • Avatar for Enni_MJ
    *-* wow
  • Avatar for Horakhty
    I want "Hollywood Tonight" for next single!
  • Avatar for toy-art
    tag arrumada, até que enfim.
  • Avatar for Harumi-
  • Avatar for Its_bitch
    WhAt ThE FuCk? bOtA EsSa PoRRa PrA FunCiONaR lAsT.Fm [2] EURI
  • Avatar for babamulon
  • Avatar for MJOriginal
    She's Hollywood, she's Hollywood... Now, le'ts back to reality... Of this Hollywood. FUCKING AMAZING SONG! NUMBER ONE HIT!
  • Avatar for chocobooo
    nice capitalization :D
  • Avatar for cassiokennedy
    Addicted! *-*
  • Avatar for vocm10
    WhAt ThE FuCk? bOtA EsSa PoRRa PrA FunCiONaR lAsT.Fm
  • Avatar for cassiokennedy
    Que merda de tag é essa? ¬¬
  • Avatar for pedruh_fp
    'hollYwoOd tONiGhT' WTF?! (2)
  • Avatar for Skywatcher
  • Avatar for NeoG0han
    Ohohoho this IS Michael. It's sad so many people have been infected with the 'Fake' Song Bandwagon virus. [2]
  • Avatar for Its_bitch
    \/ [2]
  • Avatar for Dash_PR
    o q esta havendo com essas tags??
  • Avatar for McBeastie
    The tag should go back to normal once more people scrobble the REAL song. Instead of the fake one that was somehow 10:53 long!? WTF? Lol
  • Avatar for GodOfVengeance
    Ohohoho this IS Michael. It's sad so many people have been infected with the 'Fake' Song Bandwagon virus.
  • Avatar for shaq91
  • Avatar for Skippy687
    WTF with the tag???
  • Avatar for young_wives
    Mike still had it
  • Avatar for MadDennis
    Why is the name screwed up? [2] Nice track btw :)
  • Avatar for GodOfVengeance
    Why is the name screwed up?
  • Avatar for Its_bitch
  • Avatar for MartaaaPop
    'hollYwoOd tONiGhT' WTF?!
  • Avatar for MJOriginal


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