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  • I deeply respect him and I don't believe in a rubbish stories about him !
  • Every day he created HIS story, indeed. :)
  • Whyyy oh why wasn't this original version released as a single? A little trimming at the start and the end and it could have been edited for radio just as well as the remix. There's so much more emotion in this version. :)
  • The tune itself, particularly at the start, reminds me of another song. : [ But this is fantastic<3
  • 緩急がいいね!
  • i dont like this album very much but this song is brilliant
  • Every day he created HIS story... R.I.P. [8] Great song :) [2]
  • Don't let no one get you down keep movin' on higher ground keep flying until you are the king of the hill no force of nature can break your will to self motivate <33
  • I quite love this song, but for some reason it makes me terribly upset.
  • I Am the Edison Phonograph!
  • Every day he created HIS story... R.I.P. [7] Great song :)
  • I like the remix more :)
  • Love that techno and beat!!! We will remember you MJ.
  • The Song in the player is a short version from the Blood on the dancefloor album and not the original version from history album.
  • This song is powerful and underrated.
  • Beautiful track, but I think you all should listen to the acapella version, that's so simple, just his perfect voice with the background vocals, I'm in love with that song. :)
  • Every day he created HIS story... R.I.P. [6] "the babies"
  • Every day he created HIS story... R.I.P. [5] : The drum in this tune is awesome !
  • Every day he created HIS story... R.I.P. [5]
  • I like this more than the remix version. Good song.
  • good music
  • whos the child singer? ~5 minutes
  • One of my favourite songs of the Blood on the dance floor album
  • Every day create your history Every path you take you're leaving your legacy Every soldier dies in his glory Every legend tells of conquest and liberty Every day create your history Every page you turn you're writing your legacy Every hero dreams of chivalry Every child should sing together in harmony
  • Every day he created HIS story... R.I.P. [2]
  • <3
  • Его история закончилась...(
  • Every day he created HIS story... R.I.P.
  • I love the song but I think the verse doesn't fit the chorus.
  • All right, I kind of changed my mind about this track. The Lost Children is now officially his weakest track. :) I just don't like the mixture between the tough and more melodic vocals in this track, they don't feel like they fit together.
  • I don't get what you mean Thorpe? Mine sounds the same as my CD Rip. Well there is more bass on my CD Rip but that's only because it's better quality? I also love this song =D
  • *walks off annoyed, 18 days later* <--lmao, I LOL'd.
  • this song is epic mmm
  • This is one of the best Michael Jackson songs. Others like the Beatles or Stockhausen---just to mention two---made a lot sound collages (e.g. Revolution #9), but it seldom worked out: this is MUSIC and not an experiment. Think its brilliant.
  • Kocham <333333
  • Well then, I guess our tastes concerning Michael Jackson differ somewhat. :)
  • Well, I stated it as an opinion. This song really just doesn't appeal to me at all. HIStory has some extremely good songs, and this, in my opinion, isn't one of them.
  • Una pena como puede acabar MJ. Pero en fin, es lo que tiene ser raro, el rebaño no lo perdona. Sea como sea uno de los mejores cantantes/artistas de la historia.
  • I always believed this is Michael Jackson's weakest song.
  • I like the radioversion. It kicks ass!
  • wow, no comments? Seriously? Wow. I like this version alright, it's a pretty impressive ending, though I admit I like the Blood on the Dance floor album's remix better.


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