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The Sound of Sunshine



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  • Acoustic, dubby, funky and lovely.T&B
  • Only Michael can sing about "sunshine" and make you really feel the warmth :-)
  • How many commercials will this album spawn songs into? Pop goes Spearhead.
  • This album is lovely, charming, positive and sounds dangerously close to . . . well, Jimmy Buffett. Franti's recent revelation that, despite the difficulties of the world, "people just wanted to dance" is an open-hearted statement of purpose from a good-hearted man. But it has, unfortunately shifted his music from the vital, attention-grabbing, power of "Stay Human" into pleasant, radio friendly music that will play effortlessly in the background of beach parties everywhere. The effect of hearing "Stay Human" for the first time was, for me, nearly life-changing. SH demonstrated that music could be a passionate, focused, intelligently angry call-to-action, as well as deeply soul-stirring. With this new album, Michael does a wonderful job of being loving and carefree and leaving the world behind. I miss the Micheal Franti who believed that world, and the troubled people in it, were worth paying attention to.

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