• Gothica Magazine 10th issue is out now! (журнал Gothica)

    17 Feb 2009, 13:29 by StMortis

    The central material became the Chronicle of the Ukrainian Gothic. In this huge 6th pages articel you can learn about the past, the present and the future of the Ukrainian Gothic stage, the best groups, DJ, festivals, party and the Internet-resources, and also chronology of the stage history. All the best names of the Ukrainian Gothic stage! From ancestors Цукор Бiла Смерть (Zukor Bila Smert), Ярн (Yarn), Кому Вниз (Komu Vnyz), Вiй (Vij) to Dust Heaven, Fleur, Audi Sile and young commands.
    Also in tenth (anniversary) number of magazine ' Gothica ' you can read through:

    Exclusive interviews:
    - Macbeth (drumer Fabrizio and vocalist Andreas will tell about a Italien Gothic stage and about work of the last band creation Superangelic Hate Bringers ');
    - Colony 5 (the keyboard player of Swedish electronic-heros Mr. Kalnins about problems on Castle Party, musical business and good films);
    - mulphia (the leader of dark electro the project Richard Vidun about the Czech Industrial Stage);