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  • Avatar for Pace_of_ossify
    I wish I could seriously marry Ellen Page.
  • Avatar for No1SuperBrianMo
    Too cute. Can't stop!
  • Avatar for Wind_Ninja
    Really nice duet. Even want more songs. Ellen's got a pretty voice.
  • Avatar for takeshihara
    so cute, rent the movie just to record the end :b
  • Avatar for tearusapart90
    i love them as a pair :) you should all listen to this is seb clarke :) they are as good as the juno soundtrack :) xxx
  • Avatar for Byetv
    nnice song
  • Avatar for Strayuzu
    Ellen page's pants wanna get in me
  • Avatar for YuriBR
    And I want to get in Michael Cera's pants. Okay, I don't think this is going to be very popular. And I'm not even sure I mean it. Probably not. Yeah, not.
  • Avatar for Signofthezodiac
  • Avatar for xenuffluffx
    i want to too
  • Avatar for leroy9
    and I wanna get into Ellen Pages pants [3]
  • Avatar for gabrielnegao
    and I wanna get into Ellen Pages pants [2]
  • Avatar for PatrickAviv
    and I wanna get into Ellen Pages pants
  • Avatar for zomfglaura
  • Avatar for loveemma5
    wahhh i want to get in michael cerass pantss.
  • Avatar for Nobia
  • Avatar for MadHatter8
    cutes photo ever :)))
  • Avatar for WeirdFish7
    hahaha 1 Anyone Else But You 944 2 Anyone Else But You (The Moldy Peaches Cover) 2 3 Anyone Else But You (Moldy Peaches cover) 1 3 Any One Else 1 3 Anyone Else But You(Juno OST) 1 3 Michael Cera & Ellen Page - Anyone Else But You 1 3 Anyone Else But You (The Moldy Peaches) 1 3 Anyone Else But You - 1 3 Anyone 1 3 Anyone Else But You 2 1 3 All I Want Is You 1 3 19 Anyone Else But You 1
  • Avatar for electric_spider
    ^^ lovely.
  • Avatar for zabeuu
    makes me smile:D
  • Avatar for ignacja
    love! love! love!
  • Avatar for suck_my_breath
    love *-*
  • Avatar for justgoanddoit
    So freaking awesome!!!!! <33
  • Avatar for usrejects
    that's a great picture!!
  • Avatar for __sedated
    love them
  • Avatar for manf1992
    Great movie, great song and great actress ;-)
  • Avatar for Trampkowana
    I totally love this song<3 they are better than moldy peaches<3
  • Avatar for AmpersandCM
    Cute picture.
  • Avatar for n0umena
    so many plays
  • Avatar for slashmytires
    wtf 'cute'? gayyy tag
  • Avatar for AlchemicRefuge
    The various taggings of this song is definitely l o l worthy.
  • Avatar for Murky_Waters
    This track might have more improper titles than any other I've ever seen.
  • Avatar for threatmantic15
    I love when they sing Anyone Else But You and they are SO FREAKING ADORABLE!
  • Avatar for suchageek
    so lovely!! *.*
  • Avatar for liih_m
    cute cute cute cute cute cute <3
  • Avatar for happy_archer
    Movie and song are so beautiful...
  • Avatar for DeadDisco_
  • Avatar for WhatTheFrack
    I love the movie and the song :D
  • Avatar for star_starcrazy
    million hearts
  • Avatar for kahffeine
    I love the movie
  • Avatar for Nurmi
    75,631 plays omg
  • Avatar for Baculaat
    haha jesus 30,000 listeners
  • Avatar for Valsharess
    so cute <3
  • Avatar for foldingxchair
    i love ellen page.
  • Avatar for TheIronLion
    50,000+ plays? Holy sh_t!!!!
  • Avatar for batata_frita
    Best movie of the year.
  • Avatar for KILLAmeggy
  • Avatar for MeWadadaU
    cutest song in the world. love it better than the original.
  • Avatar for WhatTheFrack
    Juno is one of best movies of 2007 =)
  • Avatar for cherrypick
    I actually like this more than the original :d Now start throwing rocks at me :P


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