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Real Name: Erkka Henrikki Lempiäinen & Matti Tapio Heininen

Life hasn't always been easy for Michael Cassette. For personal reasons he has chosen not to be in public. After graduating from a music academy as a fully licensed violin player, it didn't take long until Michael's attention was captured by another passion, the synthesizer.

In late 2005 Michael Cassette teamed up with the producers Komytea based in Helsinki, to create some of the most inspiring and touching music for the global dancefloors, resulting in singles like Zeppelin and Shadow's Movement. Some years later, it was time for Michael Cassette to take full control of the production work.

Even today Michael Cassette makes no contact with his audience except through his music. Due to his absent nature, he has authorized Komytea to act behalf of him on most occasions.

The essence of Michael Cassette's sound lies in the combination of vintage hardware and the latest
technology. The Violin, Michael's secret love, is the source for his vivid, classical sense for melodies
and for his enormously wide and detailed harmonic palette.

In mid 2010 Michael Cassette finished his debut album titled "Temporarity". The album as well as all Michael's music is dedicated to the memory of his older brother David who inspired Michael with his genuine love of music.
A cover of Miami Vice’s iconic soundtrack ‘Crockett’s Theme’ is like a smooth, sugary shot of Floridian sunshine to the ear, while vocal moments like ‘Through The Windows’ and ‘Nevermore’ touch on the classic 80s tradition of classy synth-pop.

There are progressive club sounds found in the bittersweet glow of ‘Magneta Sunset’, the uplifting ‘Zeppelin’ and the hypnotic flutters of ‘Kilimanjaro’, while forthcoming single ‘Ghost In The Machine’ – released in November alongside a Spirit Catcher remix – is another Michael Cassette classic in the making. Showing off the producer’s versatility, the album closes with the sombre Tangerine Dream-esque electronica of the emotive ‘Funeralia - Farewell To David’.


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