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  • Avatar for BoysSayGo
    That has got to be the dankest guitar melody I've ever heard.
  • Avatar for Traumita
    The best intro ever!
  • Avatar for poohliveslarge
    triplet, then three notes starting onbeat, then three notes starting offbeat - something like that
  • Avatar for santichrist
    this has one of the best guitar lines ever [2]
  • Avatar for andulas48
    Great track ...
  • Avatar for sunnydaysforme
    this has one of the best guitar lines ever
  • Avatar for Donotturnaround
    Нравится, надо другие песни послушать. Но что-то подсказывает, что остальное будет не то.
  • Avatar for d0l
    and what got made was broken, too.
  • Avatar for tyleradairinphx
    Major goose bumps at 0:58. Every time. (2) LOVE THIS!
  • Avatar for Tahula
    Has libido feeding beats. So sexy.
  • Avatar for Toukey
    Major goose bumps at 0:58. Every time.
  • Avatar for Meerahpowell
    math math math math math math math math math math math math math math [2]
  • Avatar for BarackFlowbama
    This is slowly but surely becoming one of my favorite songs ever. Few things I've ever heard have anything close to what 0:55 does.
  • Avatar for Hpelde
    The combination between the music and the video is terrific, awesome.... I love It :D
  • Avatar for Sihaya_
  • Avatar for vmac8889
    Pretty sure it's just 4/4 actually. Just syncopated and weird as hell
  • Avatar for Flodstromsconce
    19/16 ??? is that right?
  • Avatar for migmendx
    definitely pitagorian....
  • Avatar for rdefever
  • Avatar for dabid306
    explain the math =___=
  • Avatar for carlosyamil
    the intro causes my brother a massive headache. He can't take it!
  • Avatar for carol-ina2
  • Avatar for ultrawkin
    first love <3
  • Avatar for justsmile29
    I can sway to this. I love that.
  • Avatar for Feather_x
    I love how they toned it down a bit for the video. Fits perfectly.
  • Avatar for Im_Starsailing
    sick tune
  • Avatar for d0l
    you gotta get back up yourself.
  • Avatar for cutedeadgal
    Love at first listen. Cool intro
  • Avatar for szpeti16
    nice math in the intro :)
  • Avatar for shoegazer1
    i got to get off my girlie music kick im on and listen to some mew again...
  • Avatar for zielonyKot
    can't stop listening !!!
  • Avatar for hazyeyes
    this song is so fucking sexy.
  • Avatar for elchingolense
    fucking time signatures how do they work?
  • Avatar for hessles_____x
    The intro to this is probably the best bit of this whole album.....
  • Avatar for SuperiorSwagon
    Never get's old, neither does most of Mews other song. Why did you go? Lots of different reasons, So many, you can't even count. You think it's right, Jumping off the see-saw. Or did you just want it to be?
  • Avatar for SuperiorSwagon
    Jestandi is retarded. Mew pwns all.
  • Avatar for Arthurleano
    This song is SO FUCKING AWESOME!!
  • Avatar for hokutorion
    orgasm in my ear !! that's what I call MUSIC
  • Avatar for jestandi
    This song makes me sick. I am literally getting sick as I listen to this piece of shit.
  • Avatar for kikiliki09
    Haven't heard this in awhile. I love pleasant surprises!
  • Avatar for MedievalKnieval
    listening to this a lot good. 1:28...crazyness
  • Avatar for MusikSuchtig
    the amazing mix of textures = orgasmic
  • Avatar for ButThatBelt
  • Avatar for deftonico
    Sick song
  • Avatar for mh09
    *Grooves* [2]
  • Avatar for bruisemine
  • Avatar for Creative_Brain
    incredible inspiring!
  • Avatar for larzipanmars
    I deleted all my scrobbles of this by accident :(
  • Avatar for Aldhisslan
    Juuuust a field with you, swiiiiitching seats with you.
  • Avatar for fuyumine
    Groovy in its own way :)


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