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  • Avatar for dege1m1
    Absolutely beautiful.
  • Avatar for XDRory
    The claim that the Adventure Club remix of this is the superior version is outrageous.
  • Avatar for tenyeartryst
    Intro melody sounds a bit like Bon Iver's Re:Stacks.
  • Avatar for MystiCali44
    I know it's a lie, I want it to be true.
  • Avatar for XDRory
    "the chorus ruins it" Other way round actually.
  • Avatar for jeauexe
    something about this song strikes me and i'm not sure what. too good.
  • Avatar for tresfoufou
    I know it’s a lie, I want it to be true
  • Avatar for aneasthesia
    the chorus ruins it
  • Avatar for XDRory
    <3 [7] One of their best.
  • Avatar for soren121
    This song is PERFECT. It melts in my ears :D
  • Avatar for CaptnTightpants
    Love this song
  • Avatar for abfdrumz
    It was this song that introduced me to the joy of Metric...and from there, no turning back.
  • Avatar for Mumitsu
    My life right now. ♥
  • Avatar for uncare
  • Avatar for raeshell07
    can't stop listening to this song!
  • Avatar for kokocijo
    01:43-02:10 = YES [2]
  • Avatar for Viola05
    <3 [6]
  • Avatar for milexis
    from the beginning to the end < 3
  • Avatar for The_Scientist89
    <3 [5]
  • Avatar for alin1
  • Avatar for dftpunk
    Listen to the MOGWAI - Autorock... 0:23..funny)
  • Avatar for aethelyon
    check out my mix of the track:
  • Avatar for reckoner2
  • Avatar for SarahFails
    <3 [3]
  • Avatar for shitonmydick
    <3 [2]
  • Avatar for lekim23
  • Avatar for kuraiamaya
  • Avatar for lemonsherry
  • Avatar for ruism
    song's slightly above average, but... 01:43-02:10 = YES
  • Avatar for adzant
    This song is just absolutely spectacular.
  • Avatar for blackout_rem
    Love this song<3
  • Avatar for Robsy
    This is amazing!
  • Avatar for danitogatito
    <3 this song
  • Avatar for harusaku
  • Avatar for elsteeler
    is there a good instrumental version of this? that'd be amazing...
  • Avatar for tomcat1982777
    when i listen to this song i have to think of Mirrors Edge... don't know why
  • Avatar for dywelska12
    absolutely magical, Emily's voice gives me chills!
  • Avatar for djnonplus
    hmm, yeah I guess there is a little bit of Auto Rock in the opening riff
  • Avatar for emobopeep
  • Avatar for Kefong
    I hear Mogwai's Auto Rock in there.
  • Avatar for lynneswerhone
    this is my favorite metric song, and possibly my favorite song ever. so hauntingly beautiful
  • Avatar for JonaBoo
    Ummm this struck a chord...
  • Avatar for YouCantHide
    I'm a lazy dancer.
  • Avatar for springplatypus
    magnificent. ♥
  • Avatar for forever_autumn
  • Avatar for cmcmsf
    Another perfect Metric song. Beautiful.
  • Avatar for floralhairspray
    wishing you could keep me close. i'm a lazy dan-cer. when you move, i move with you. this is one track that i can keep listening to on Fantasies and never fails me. song of my life!
  • Avatar for andre_ssilva
    This song's melody is dreaming turned into notes. It's hypnotic, dense, just perfect. I JUST LOVE IT.
  • Avatar for rkat
  • Avatar for djnonplus
    best track on Fantasies. took me this long to decide that


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