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  • They see it right, they see it well But they think this saves us from our hell!?
  • Just leave me alone
  • Great song
  • This was what ciaz played a week and the control over and I want a bath because I need to hug fruity hair is brown like to steal jewellery belonging to do that the microwave like that the
  • one of my favourites
  • Master is the best they ever did...
  • hell yeah, i got the studio version! Would tht it be better than 128k
  • This tune and "For Whom The Bell Tolls" - Metallicas best!
  • That's a great Metallica song, Cliff missing since a while...
  • Finally, it spits out the studio track!
  • Better than fade to black.
  • Одна из лучших песен вообще в метале
  • Безысходная, но шикарная песня...
  • Masterpiece [66]
  • One of there best songs!!
  • God, how I love this song!
  • best song\m/best album.....
  • Masterpiece [65]
  • listen damnit! We will win
  • Kill, it's such a friendly word...
  • Охринительная песня
  • Amazing!
  • Masterpiece is overused in lastfm but this song deserves it
  • Just awesome <3
  • Masterpiece [64]
  • Masterpiece [63] My favorite song by Metallica. The last guitar solo is simply perfect.[3]
  • ''Just labeled mentally deranged...'' I love this song <3
  • Masterpiece [62]
  • honestly I never considered this song a ballad :)
  • Masterpiece [61]
  • Great song
  • the best intro I've ever seen in any power ballad song.
  • Masterpiece [60]
  • This live version sucks.,., .,,,. James vocals do ,..,Kurt tears it up as always.,.,
  • Masterpiece [58] My favorite song by Metallica. The last guitar solo is simply perfect.
  • cool picture .,, Kurt wearing a OverKill T-shirt
  • another masterpiece from metallica
  • Masterpiece [57]
  • Sleep my friend and you will see that dream is my reality!
  • Paradise Lost documentary!
  • They see it right they see it well, they think it saves us from this Hell, God I listened a lot of metallica when I was a kid but this remains awesome
  • hmmm ********
  • Probably Metallica's masterpiece, and one of the greatest songs ever written.
  • Masterpiece [56] Metallica, back when they RULED(3)


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