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  • Avatar for fafasfafa
    # kreator, testament, metallica, at the gates, death angel, nuclear assault
  • Avatar for my_name_is_what
    Too repetitive and too fucking long!!
  • Avatar for Metal-Kathy86
    not my favourite album but METALLICA FOREVER
  • Avatar for petitpedro
    Bow Down! LOL. Catchy and powerful song
  • Avatar for dAziks
    Weird. I remember going through DE when it came out couple of times and never really regocnized this song. Then, by watching Quebic Magnetic DVD two days ago, I heard Judas Kiss and thought "wtf is this? on which album is this song?" Great tune! Situations like this always reminds me of going through some random albums I haven't heard for a while, there's usually some diamonds that for some reason have missed my ears.
  • Avatar for pyschoklown2
    awsome song
  • Avatar for bigben989
    Best solo on Death Magnetic.
  • Avatar for Sameh93
    And no, definitely not the best post-1992 Metallica song. Not even the best song on Death Magnetic.
  • Avatar for Sameh93
    I remember being in love with this riff on the Mission Metallica videos.
  • Avatar for Peace_Sells86
    Great song.
  • Avatar for AvantPunk
    Best song on Death Magnetic. But I question why at least three songs from Beyond Magnetic didn't make it onto DM. That's a great EP.
  • Avatar for metal-mod
    My favourite on the album soooo good! Love the chorus and rythym sections!
  • Avatar for lorendefect
  • Avatar for terribleTaeyeon
    I havent listened to metallica for years . Nice !
  • Avatar for tihsymtae
    too loud.
  • Avatar for Podigo
    That. Fucking. Solo. \m/
  • Avatar for Mii85
    Glad people seem to be enjoing it. Great tune!
  • Avatar for Justgotmyperiod
  • Avatar for Aru10
    dat solo
  • Avatar for ryanS732
    Crazy that this song clocks in at over 8 minutes, never get bored of it for a second.
  • Avatar for kovadogs
    Best song of Death Magnetic after Unforgiven III
  • Avatar for the_betterman
  • Avatar for hammerstrikebg
    Great song, amazing guitar work! BOW DOWN [8]
  • Avatar for Rydellth
    "Best Metallica song from post 1992 Metallica. " Agree matey
  • Avatar for applehorn
    BOW DOWN! [7]
  • Avatar for kholanda
    so fucking great solo!
  • Avatar for rdeyahlxp
    Best Metallica song from post 1992 Metallica.
  • Avatar for Crushd_Tin_Box
    I am going to say that this band is definitely showing their age, but with that it is still amazing that Lars can still come up with beat ass drum licks. The time changes in this song make it the best on the album.
  • Avatar for kubakaiser
    Love this band, but must say - this song isn't their best shit.
  • Avatar for davidbowiegirl
    Good song!
  • Avatar for dmarczewski
    BOW DOWN! [5]
  • Avatar for NastyNASS7
    BOW DOWN! [4]
  • Avatar for davidsakh
    I don't really listen to new all...but this is listenable.
  • Avatar for EviLHeRo191
    This song is awesome because it reminds me of their older stuff.
  • Avatar for ChineseDemocrat
    Tag this shit with "bow down".
  • Avatar for Aki_of_the_dead
    The guitar in this song is vulgar and disgustingly sexual. I love it.
  • Avatar for sebadagostino
    I was really lucky to listen to this song live. I was a little disappointed that most people weren't as crazy for this song as I was. BOW DOWN! [4] \m/
  • Avatar for helgaPugachova
    best song
  • Avatar for heavymetal202
    great song! \m/
  • Avatar for Hemboll
    Heard it live when they played in Anaheim in December. Thought it paled in comparison to the other songs but it was still great. Just love the chorus!
  • Avatar for Faraudo2112
    This song live is just awesome :O
  • Avatar for fourstringgod
    So what now, where do I head?
  • Avatar for EviLHeRo191
    BOW DOWN! [2]
  • Avatar for metalhead_313
  • Avatar for horiuchizado
    kirk kicks asses in this song
  • Avatar for ST44
    the best on DM. Sounds like "The Frayed Ends of Sanity", great.
  • Avatar for sebastiankf
    this is great
  • Avatar for camP1989
    awesome song. probably the best on DM
  • Avatar for KrisFlushedNemo
    This song always makes me wanna wreak havoc and stomp on children's toys. It's that fucking awesome.
  • Avatar for NOyieldingCODE


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