• Metallica Monday: 11-22-2010

    23 Nov 2010, 05:19 by josh191

    This week's albums: Load and Reload

    Review (Load):

    Ain't My Bitch - 9 out of 10: great way to start the album off, heard this one many times before now, and it's one of my post-Black Album favorites
    2 X 4 - 8 1/2 out of 10: this is quite catchy, I really like it, I'm starting to get pumped for the rest of these songs
    The House Jack Built - 8 1/2 out of 10: love how this begins, and really love the solo
    Until It Sleeps - 9 out of 10: just an epic song, from beginning to end, love it
    King Nothing - 9 1/2 out of 10: best song on Load so far, love the solo especially, one of my favorite Metallica songs in general, top 10 or 15
    Hero of the Day - 9 out of 10: simply amazing, heard this for the first time in a long time just a few days ago, and now I can't stop listening to it
    Bleeding Me - 8 1/2 out of 10: great vocals on this song, love how it starts slow and then picks up towards the middle
    Cure - 9 out of 10: love the beginning... great guitar on this, this is just a great hard rock song to listen to
  • 2 x 7 - Metallica playlist challenge

    19 Feb 2007, 23:22 by furilec

    Ok, the idea was to pick two songs from each one of Metallica's seven albums. Why Metallica? Well, despite the fact that my musical preferences are moving away from the genre, Metallica will always be the band that spawned my first interest in music. And why make a list? Because, like everyone else who keeps making these stupid lists I've got too much time and I can't think of anything to do. That's it. "But hey! They've released more than seven albums!" Yeah, I know, but I'm thinking of the proper studio albums here. And for obvious reasons: St. Anger is also disregarded. What we have left is this pretty list of releases:

    Kill 'Em All
    Ride The Lightning
    Master of Puppets
    ...and justice for all
    Metallica (aka the black album)

    Kill 'Em All
    Probably the album I'm least familiar with. I was a Metallica-kid - anything not Metallica was shit - back in the 90's. Like most kids of my generation it started off with the black album, walking back in history…
  • My Wedding

    18 Apr 2006, 03:23 by aFidaVey

    When your home during the holidays, sick, you get reeeeally bored.I'm bored, so doing alotta these survey type things sorry if its annoyin :P

    Well, to start off simple, what song will be played at my marriage?
    Song: We Belong Together
    Artist: Mariah Carey
    Comments: Well, thats kinda scary, in my last journal i think it was, i said this reminds me of my future.wo0ho0!!

    What will my husband's personality be like?
    Song: Caught Up (Remix)
    Artist: Usher
    Comments: Not sure, but its changed since hes been with me :)

    Will cheating become an issue?
    Song: With You
    Artist: Linkin Park
    Comments: Hmmmm thats kinda a hard one, maybe he thinks im gonna cheat on him?

    What will me and my spouse do on our honeymoon?
    Song: Down in a Hole
    Artist: Alice in Chains
    Comments: gonna hide in a hole!

    Will the marriage last, or will there be some sort of divorce?
    Song: Right Here in My Arms
    Artist: Him
    Comments: i think itll last, we'll be so in looovvve!