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Load is the sixth studio album by American heavy metal band Metallica, released June 4, 1996. To date, the album has sold over 5 million copies in America, and is certified Gold in the UK, having sold over 100,000 copies. It spent four consecutive weeks at #1 on Billboard 200.

At 78:59 minutes, Load is Metallica's longest studio album. Initial pressings of the album were affixed with stickers that boasted its long playtime, simply reading "78:59". Consequently… read more



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  • Avatar for fishfucked
    The best Metallica album hands down
  • Avatar for MisterJunior
    @alfred129 The fact you rate all of Metallica's albums from the self-titled on higher (in some cases much higher) than the first four is troubling. I like Load and Reload but nothing from the 90s on compares to Kill 'Em All, Ride the Lightning, Master of Puppets or ...And Justice for All. Come on.
  • Avatar for alfred129
    My rating 7.9 out of 10
  • Avatar for henrizzle2011
    This is just simply underrated. I actually prefer this over Reload, even though there are many moments from that album that I really like. I love the hard rock approach on this album, and I also appreciated Metallica's willingness to experiment with new styles on this new album, as well as on Reload. Wished they do more experimentation, if only the fans were not that closed minded back then. Oh well. Some jams here are... many! If I have to list, I would include: Ain't My Bitch, 2 x 4, The House That Jack Built, Until It Sleeps, King Nothing, Hero Of The Day, Bleeding Me, Cure, Mama Said (yes, I actually love this one. Very brave of Metallica to write something like this), Ronnie, and The Outlaw Torn. The rest I didn't mention are alright, felt they were just filler, just like how on Reload that there were a couple filler tracks. It would be better if they merged the two albums into one, and it'd be a much more cohesive, more enjoyable album! Oh well, still great albums nonetheless.
  • Avatar for radiobig
    Bought this when it first came out 19 years ago on cassette. Just purchased it on CD this summer cheaper than when I bought it back then. This album has really grown on me again. "Poor Twisted Me" was my #1 scrobbled track this week.
  • Avatar for Peace_Sells86
    Grown on me and I love this album.
  • Avatar for Porpse
    Хороший альбом. Безмозглым митолиздам только однообразного трэшачка подавай.
  • Avatar for vonNachtmahr
    In 1996, I hated this album . Today I would saythere are a couple of very good songs and ideas on it . If they had take ​​the best songs from Load and ReLoad on one album it would become a good record . So there are a few good songs and a lot of fillers on two albums.
  • Avatar for LiamRandolph
    not metal != bad
  • Avatar for RabinMiguel
    Definitely one of my favorite Metallica-records. I never listened to Metallica for their thrashness, but for their exceptional songwriting skills. Many songwriters depend on the "repeat"-system to make a song good, but in my opinion Metallica excels in just making a song progress naturally even though it has many sections. Don't know which member is responsible for this, but hats off to him!

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