• Death Magnetic Review

    3 Sep 2008, 02:01 by BeNgEE4

    Well I’ve been looking forward to this album for a very long time now.
    And I’m finally sitting here now, on my second listen and trying to digest it all.

    The opening notes of “That Was Just Your Life” heighten the suspense to just about boiling point as you try to figure out if this album will be any good. Around a minute in you start to think this is not too bad… and then as the song really starts to kick in you find yourself head banging and thinking wow this is quite the crazy metal song. Lyrics are spat out in the verses oldschool style which starts to get your hopes up and the pre-chorus and the chorus very much impress.

    For two reasons this song sounds good: it’s metal. but still reasonably catching, And you can tell from this song alone Jaymz has reclaimed a desirable voice. The song is an early statement of what you’ll find on the rest of this album predominantly metal, with some nice melodies and vocals thrown in.
    Matt Sorum of Guns N’sRoses was not joking when he mentioned crazy tempo changes and speed…