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Metalian is a classic heavy metal band based out of Montreal, Canada. With sounds reminiscent of classic 80’s metal, and reviews touting them as “The Canadian Judas Priest,” it’s obvious that Metalian have made their name known in the realm of metal music in North America.
Their sounds include triumphant dueling guitars, thundering drums, pounding bass, and true falsetto vocals, they show that old school metal is still alive, and very strong.
Metalian has toured throughout Canada and the United States, from Toronto to New York City, to Cleveland, Ohio. Metalian has not only toured the best places in North America, but has also shared the stage with some of the best bands in the country; Anvil and Thor.
The band proves that it has reached all different types of media, with their song ‘Nercronomican’ to be featured in the sequel to the iconic Canadian film, “Fubar.” Check out the trailer at http://www.fubar-themovie.com
"well, as metal merchants festival is coming up this weekend, i will post a band that i dj'ed both days at last year's metal merchants, namely METALIAN from Canada. They sound ANCIENT and have cool influences like Thin Lizzy and probably Diamond Head. And they are alive and playing NOW

- f e n r i z (from Darkthrone)"

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