• An ongoing guide to shit I've listened to in 2011. [R.I.P.]

    19 Jan 2011, 18:29 by Dr_MoonOrGun

    A good idea gone horribly lazy. There were a few decent reviews. I'm deleting the list in favor of those.

    I'm going to try review everything I listen to this year that I think is worth reviewing. No one will read it, and I'm doing it at as slow a pace as possible, but whatever.

    Foster the People - Torches

    Torches is an alright album. It doesn't really exceed that. If you're breathing you've probably heard Pumped Up Kicks, and if you've heard that then you've heard all of Torches. It's got catchy hooks throughout, but lacks the ambition to fill out the rest of the track past the chorus. I'm getting bored just talking about it so... uh, yeah.

    Highlight tracks: Pumped Up Kicks and Warrent.

    All in all boring and predictable. 1½/5.

    Passage - Pass and Touch

    I guess I feel like I owe Passage something, as he was one of the upstarts on my favorite label; but every time I check one of his new releases, I wish I hadn't. Passage is a one trick pony…
  • KFLA Update 11/11/08 - Pastilla, High On Fire, Pigeon John and more!!!!

    11 Nov 2008, 21:31 by TheKnitLA

    Friday, November 28th
    Pastilla, Cabula, Nash, Los Ultras
    7:30 PM, $10 advance, $12 day of show
    Pastilla is the musical by-product of a frenzied cross-cultural upbringing and existential exploration of brothers Victor and Adrian Monroy. After years of musical discovery in their hometown of Cuidad Juarez, Mexico, a border city of both political and cultural conflict, the Monroy brothers came to replant their roots in Pomona, California where the tumultuous journey of Pastilla would begin. In the mid 1990s, Los Angeles became ground zero for an explosion of Latin alternative sounds. A handful of musicians, like the Monroy brothers, began fusing their American rock influences with their own cultural experiences. Along with friends Eribeto Gonzalez and Eric Rubalcava, they joined the emerging scene and took on the band name Pastilla. The group broke through with a still unfamiliar sound of britrock/pop influences which attracted a wide array of fans who were searching for more to please their musical palate than generic rock.