• [99] Merle Haggard – I'm a Lonesome Fugitive (1967)

    4 Mar 2009, 21:53 by Llorenza

    Merle HaggardI'm A Lonesome Fugitive

    Country music and I are no close friends. Earlier country albums in this list have proved that already, and even though I appreciated Marty Robbin's voice and Buck Owen's humour (the other country albums in this list don't need to be mentioned for me), that didn't mean I liked the music. Suffice to say I enjoyed that music sometimes, but it never got me interested to play it again.

    Big exception to me not liking country music is Johnny Cash. After I had seen the movie, I did as everyone else did who had seen the movie, and bought myself the At Folsom Prison and At Saint Quentin albums. But, I must admit my relation with Johnny Cash was still a bit troubled (my relation... that sounds weird... You know, the movie got it all wrong: in fact I was Johnny Cash his big love, haha), because as it turned out, I rarely listened to these albums. They were more country than I expected. Only after repeated exclamations of wonderfulness by friends who listened to my Johnny Cash cd's…