• Central Nervous Sound System - Sane EP now avaiable for download on last.fm

    13 Apr 2009, 17:51 by MKDELTA

    Sane EP is the 2nd EP from Central Nervous Sound System. Sane EP is composed of four tracks of melancholic IDM/technoid with production quality better than the previous effort Kensington Experiment. Distorted x0x-drum and bass & breaks beats a la Architecht meet SID-flavored distorted beat music, kinda like what Tarmvred has for offer. The crystalline melodies of the middle part of The Antidepressant Suite could remind you of Stendeck while the acrid synth lines and techno chords of Come On My Inhibitor could seen as a refence to electronic classics. The over-tempo synthpop-ish bassline, distorted dnb beats andd unusual synth line of The Chosen take a step to the as-of-yet un(der)tried.

    Central Nervous Sound System was started by e2 of chronon & Merging Moods and Individual 8580 of MKDELTA as a project ot make music they were inspired to make instead of making music that inspired them to tweak knobs and automation clips. The Sane EP explores themes of mental (un)health which both of them find an interesting subject. …
  • Central Nervous Sound System

    13 Jan 2009, 20:19 by MKDELTA

    Central Nervous Sound System

    Beatiful things are bound to happen when a trip-hop/ambient/idm musician meets a distorted beat enthusiast. Despite the apparent differences in music tastes e2 (Merging Moods) and Individual 8580 (MKDELTA) found common musical ground very quickly. The result is the Central Nervous Sound System, an electronic music project combining musical features from the two individual’s favorite styles. The project’s focus has been on exploring ideas, having fun and seeking genuine self-expression over technical knob-twidling the two individuals are prone to.