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  • Avatar for bryadinha
    Gosto muito...
  • Avatar for johnTMcNeill
    ...and it can only make me smile when some of my loved ones get there even before I do. I can NOT even imagine the sacrifice Jesus Christ endured or how God felt when His own son was so abused and tortured. That sometimes brings me back around and minimizes my own grief in comparison. I'm not in a hurry to leave, but I hope I am prepared for the inevitable trip whenever the time comes... :D
  • Avatar for supermediadave
    One of the best Christian songs ever. I look forward to our meeting. Jesus is Lord!
  • Avatar for wellagainbrege
  • Avatar for daisylou333
    i love this song:)
  • Avatar for youngestwarrior
    i can play this on guitar
  • Avatar for blastingstereos
    where did the words go?!?
  • Avatar for laurenlanay
    favorite song..wish the lyrics were there tho
  • Avatar for ShelleC
    Almost better without the words
  • Avatar for Violetbarasa
    I can only imagine
  • Avatar for ehijbel69
    i love this song!!!!
  • Avatar for MastersRose
    Wish this was more than just the instrumental version. *sighs*
  • Avatar for ShaynaID
    this doesn't even appear to be the right song..
  • Avatar for LivingSugarFree
  • Avatar for JEHOVAHCHILD1
    Nice, but I prefer to hear the words of this song. Do they know this is the instrumental?
  • Avatar for blaircramer
    The instrumental is nice but where are the lyrics?
  • Avatar for Megang267
    I like this a lot!
  • Avatar for Mediaworkx
    I love this so much Ohh
  • Avatar for lovesjantzen
  • Avatar for lovesjantzen
    i love this band
  • Avatar for AL-temp
    INSTRUMENTAL VERSION ! just the soundtrack - WHAT GIVES ?
  • Avatar for neilazz
    This song is amazing.
  • Avatar for dobh32
    I Can Only Imagine!!!!!!
  • Avatar for leticia4eva
    I can only imagine......
  • Avatar for Tinisha79
    I love this song!!!!! It makes me cry everytime.
  • Avatar for MsCinderella
    One of the most incredible songs I have ever heard. It never gets old.
  • Avatar for angel2923
    i love this song
  • Avatar for dodgeboysmom
    This is a beautiful song, one that I have shared with family, friends and facebook as well......
  • Avatar for central2016
    powerful and beautiful song! it doesn't matter if your a christian or not you just have to believe our one and only God!!!! all of us dream what heaven will be like. WE HAVE SUCH AN AWESOME GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Avatar for freespiritb
    What a beautiful, powerful song!! Have you ever TRULY imagined?!! We have an awesome GOD!!!!!
  • Avatar for graceberger7
    I LOVE THIS SONG IT WILL ALWAYS LAST. We are a Christian Nation. Thank you Jesus my savor and LORD.
  • Avatar for nens4Him
    oh LORD, I can't WAIT to see YOU!! Love, Love, LOVE YOU!!! <3
  • Avatar for joesmith2010
    I love the lyrics to this song.
  • Avatar for Cyp_Wibowo
  • Avatar for steamboat58
    Beautiful, thanks Jette
  • Avatar for jetgar
    Just beautiful......;-))
  • Avatar for lovesjantzen
    so sad some people never achieve god in there heart and they have no idea how to get there
  • Avatar for hollabackitsobi
    Fucking garbage. Have fun talking to imaginary friends. RAGE.
  • Avatar for Lizzy2117
    My favorite son in this earth is "I can only imagine"
  • Avatar for xavi1991FM
  • Avatar for MaskedMokona
    I'm not religious in any way but I still can't get enough of this song - very powerful.
  • Avatar for soniapa17
    hermosa cancion
  • Avatar for bootleg10
    god is great!
  • Avatar for closethebook
    amazing song(: this song brings me to tears of my favorites.
  • Avatar for neilazz
    Amazing song!!
  • Avatar for Roy-Boy9507
    Can YOU Only Imagine - what it will be like!
  • Avatar for lovesjantzen
    i give all the praise to you my lord and savior
  • Avatar for johnTMcNeill
    I can only imagine...but you have painted a very vivid musical portrait here...your father must be so proud...
  • Avatar for lovesjantzen
    i love you guys for singing about our savior
  • Avatar for lovesjantzen


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