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  1. Loud? is an emo band out of Woodbridge, VA that plays music similar to Texas Is the Reason and The Promise Ring.

  2. There is more than 1 band with the name Driveway:

    1. Driveway is an emo/indie band from Dublin, Ireland.…

  3. Family Might was a group of teenage bffs from the suburb of St. Peters, Missouri that came together and started to play songs.

    Started summer…

  4. Jazz Hands is (was) a (insert the word "twinkle" in front of some other obscure genre) band from Northwest Ohio. They sound like a panda bear…

  5. Bells on Trike was a melodic emo band from Richmond, Virginia from 1995-1999.

    Jason Bishop-guitar
    Bryan Hoffa-guitar, vocals
    John Harrison-bass,…

  6. A local Chicago rock act.

    Music and more info can be found here:

  7. White Mage is a three-piece from Columbus Ohio.

  8. 'kiwimo' band based in Christchurch, New Zealand from 2010 until September 2014.



  9. 1) Watership Down (formerly known as Atomship and AtomshipDown ) is a three-piece rock band, composed of Derek Pardoe, Chad Kent, and current…

  10. A emo/punk band from Ann Arbor, Michigan.

    Matt Terrian - Guitars/Vocals
    Geoff Webb - Guitars/Vocals
    Jud Branam - Drums/Vocals

    Download their…

  11. dead as leaves

  12. Amazing emo band from Houston, TX, existed in mid-90's.
    s/t 7"
    VA - The Ground Rule Double 12"
    VA - Use This Coupon 12"

  13. members of ghoul baby.

    2 song -

  14. Fieldtree were an punk rock band active in the mid/late 90's from Detroit, Michigan. They released a self-titled 7'' on Lonely Kid Records, a 7''…

  15. Options began in 2008 as the solo project of multi-instrumentalist Seth Engel. He writes and plays everything on his albums.…

  16. Drinking Games is a math pop band from Boston, Mass.

  17. Navio Forge was a relatively short lived Emo band from California. Their only release was the LP "As We Quietly Burn a Hole Into...", released in 1993…

  18. " Emotionally driven songs hailing from the suburbs of Indianapolis. Basically capturing the essence of drunkenly listening to American Football while…

  19. Mid 90s emo / indie band from Goleta CA.
    Similar to bands like Christie Front Drive.
    Band members include:
    - Zack Eichert (drums)
    - Jake Eichert…


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