• a song for each year (continued)

    24 Jul 2007, 03:37 by zvyezda

    I tried to think back on my life year by year in order to pinpoint the songs that really resonated at the time.
    Any given song isn't necessarily from a given year, but each one is one I coveted during a particular year of my life, listening to it repeatedly. I can think of many more that could be included, especially for more recent years when I worked in a record store and heard music from all over the spectrum. Anyway, here's a more focused list of (mostly) rock listening habits. I'll leave classical, experimental, and international music for some other journal entry.

    1981: The Tide Is High/ Blondie
    I saw them perform this on the Muppet Show, and that moment, I was out of my kiddie world and into pop music.
    1982: Don't You Want Me/ Human League
    On an overnight fieldtrip to a nature preserve, the girls in my class and I marched around the prairie paths singing this song.
    1983: Rio/ Duran Duran
    Addictive and elusive, this song was a bit hard to catch on top 40 radio and I was too cheap to buy records at the time.