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MEN DIAMLER plays live regularly as a (sometimes) guitar-accompanied singer.


1.Men Diamler is from the Southwest of the Northeast.

2.Books tours with a bucket of cement and a mechanical drill - ie DIY

3.Sells tickets for tribute acts,spiritualists and retired cricketers when he is not Men Diamler.

4.Dislikes London, he has now quit playing there for good.

5.Likes the fact somebody once described his singing voice as akin to "Roy Orbison with two punctured lungs", and is glad it wasn't an iron lung.

6.Has covered Jacques Brel, Elvis, Son House, Trad Arr & Swans live. He likes all those acts quite a bit, too.

7.Has a song about a horse who is starved by his owner so that he can use it's ribs as a xylophone. The horse gets naturally gets revenge.

8.Makes drone/noise/improv musick under the name FRANZ REICHELT. If you don't know who the inspiration behind FRANZ IS, look on youtube.

9.Men Diamler divides the audience. Sometimes this happens right down the middle, which is good as it makes it easier for him to walk around while singing a spiritual/hymn.

10.Considers the dead poets are better than the living ones, and the gulf increases everyday.

11.Can't tell if the glass is half empty or half full - because it is a can.

12.Doesn't like writing his own press releases. The code is chilly.


"Men Diamler is a young man with a cult reputation in the South West who will not be tamed by the powers that be, reconfiguring a English/Welsh soul music through woozy operatics and wild and weird song/stories. Sweet and darkness have never sounded so close or so intense in such performer. Despite his tender age he is a channel for old thyme ways - footstompin' blues, two string serenades, backwoods drinking hollers, horse play and pagan folk all get exorcised. Psychosis never sounded this good and people clap" Qujunktions

" .. tears away at your singer/songwriter preconceptions, replacing them with black humour and visceral gore" Rottenmeats

"imagine Roy Orbison with a two punctured lungs and John Fahey with a fractured hand?well, he sounds better than that"

"Mr. Diamler's music seems to carve its initials somewhere between Son House & Syd Barrett on the musical park-bench. That said, this is fiery and unapologetic music that lives in a fucked up, peculiar world of it's own. Lopsided folk music that leaps at you, sometimes very literally" Thora Zine

"Men Diamler cannot be ignored. He looks a little like electric-era Bob Dylan, and it's just him and his guitar, and sometimes it's just him, a cappella – not even always in front of a microphone – but his voice is so astonishing that traffic literally stops. Yes, I know what I've just said. He makes sure we know we're watching a performance of spiritual-gospel-blues, but it's authentic as it gets. Again, I know what I've just said, but it's true. It's ridiculous, in all honesty, because somebody with much more influence than I have should be writing about him. FACT MAGAZINE

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