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  • Avatar for Mellonade
    Does anyone have Rewind While Sleeping (not Sleepy)? I never got it and now the link on his blog is down.
  • Avatar for journik850
    Haven't given Memory Tapes much of a listen up to this point. Perhaps I should, but from what I've heard so far it just does not hit me first time like Call & Response by Mem Cassette did. Nothing kills me inside more than a promising artist releasing only one or two great albums and then nothing further.
  • Avatar for QuintonDempsey
    Ghost in the Boombox is impossibly good.
  • Avatar for purpleasure
  • Avatar for XrustyXtoothX
    who sings? [2] Anyone know?
  • Avatar for muncadunc
    I wish Player Piano had never happened, and he was still doing lovely stuff like this.
  • Avatar for pacopistolas
  • Avatar for inkalot
    Pretty chill.
  • Avatar for glaucotl
    who sings?
  • Avatar for Biz__
    This was the best.
  • Avatar for spectra187
    Иногда даже слезу вышибает )
  • Avatar for thispastweek
    for me this is his best project, hope he makes more tracks under this name
  • Avatar for Jigaly
    Why is the ugliest photo being used
  • Avatar for ronin04
    I did a pretty extensive interview with Dayve recently; you can check it out here.
  • Avatar for junotolentino
    my first chill experience from the late 2010. very special
  • Avatar for MarcPandaBear
    his best work for now imo; The rest is really impressive too
  • Avatar for glaucotl
    50mph <3
  • Avatar for MarcoWeirdOh
  • Avatar for AtlAtPac
    bay area dark funk revivalists
  • Avatar for zerocharismo
    There is a remix EP and nobody told me?!
  • Avatar for Rui1234
    if you like memory cassette you should visit
  • Avatar for SimonDR
    Can't decide what's better. Cassettes or Tapes :)
  • Avatar for RenegadeParty
    Does anyone have any songs they are willing to share? I only have the Call and Response EP.
  • Avatar for rella987
  • Avatar for AndreaVolta
    aw :)
  • Avatar for Cinder_Fella
    "I sleep with one eye open"
  • Avatar for erikisPSYCHO
    Why has this been sitting in my itunes for 4 months without me listening to it?! This is pretty magical.
  • Avatar for szizalaki
  • Avatar for kromatisk
  • Avatar for J-u-l-i-a
    Znam skądś tę okładkę...
  • Avatar for J-u-l-i-a
    Asleep At A Party - this is beautiful....
  • Avatar for smeebob
    really underrated - as good as memory tapes, puts all the 'chillwave' stuff this year to shame.
  • Avatar for BoCkaCho
    If you like this listen me: thank's )
  • Avatar for ctwoo
    anyone know where to get hold of this?
  • Avatar for scomatsho
    ... and all sound like Stuart Price
  • Avatar for lesyonokkkk
    Does anybody has lyrics of Sleep On The Roof? Please!
  • Avatar for Cinder_Fella
    oh no ? youre not familiar with stuart price's alias now are you ? zoot woman, paper faces, thin white duke, les rhymes digitales ALL STUART BABY!
  • Avatar for mrjoe
    Precisely, one person can't possibly create two separate sounding acts, it's scientifically impossible!
  • Avatar for ZwolleRailway
    neither is better than the other its the same person for fucks sake.
  • Avatar for El-Chiflo
    no eres el único thewsvision ;D
  • Avatar for needmymusictoda
    I prefer listening to memory tape on cassette or sometimes listening to memory cassette on tape either way i still miss memory albums the memory CD's they scratch
  • Avatar for Quarantehuit
  • Avatar for thewsvision
    Otra Vez Soy El Unico Que Habla Español Por Aqui Valla...Pues La Musica De Memory Cassette De Verdad Me Pone En Otro Nivel Cosmico : )
  • Avatar for dream-city
    Hi I like them both. It is possible to not rank them and just enjoy them both. XXXO
  • Avatar for no_0bie
    much much better than memory tapes. [6]
  • Avatar for ThisStortion
    much much prefer memory tapes. now stop talking.
  • Avatar for shutup_caf
    i prefer memory that allowed?
  • Avatar for JTerrance
    so you're saying i shouldn't listen to memory tapes.
  • Avatar for magicmyths
    much much better than memory tapes. [3]
  • Avatar for karbonkidzero
    The Call and Response EP is gorgeous and altogether wonderful! I can't get enough.


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