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1. PUNK band from Pamplona, Navarra (Spain) which has already recorded 4 albums.

2. Member of Chicago based hip hop production team, The Molemen.

3. Memo Guerra: Solo project by Encounters multi-instrumentalist. His occupations as a solo artist include writing library music for commercial use and film scores. Mainly he treats his solo work as “a vehicle to explore things that either don’t work in a live group situation or am exploring these avenues in order to incorporate them into the group somehow. I just record what I feel and if the group decides we can do it as a unit then we work towards that, otherwise it just stays as a Memo track.”
“It’s a bit difficult when you ask the artist what kind of art he produces, especially when his work is so varied. I’ve never known how to answer that question. Perhaps it’s easy for people who know they are straight up rappers or rockers. But it’s not as simple with the likes of me. I mean ask John Cale what sort of music he makes. I wonder what he’d say or if he’d be able to answer that at all. Not that I’m even beginning to compare myself to Cale.

4. The Kurdish musician Hozan Memo (means: "Artist Memo").

5. Last FM user Memokkeen, who has made a few tracks with the program EJay.

5. A project led by Lee J. Malcolm, of the Leeds band Vessels.

6. http://www.discogs.com/artist/1225184-Memo-4

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