• Melvins do what what they do well on Sugar Daddy Live

    10 Jun 2011, 05:46 by Groovemine

    Artist: Melvins
    Album: Sugar Daddy Live
    Label: Ipeac


    The Melvins have been toying with a more progressive strain of ideas as well as incorporating more mainstream elements (check out the cover of “My Generation” on their most recent album), but the sludge still snarls and chugs. Always and forever will they bludgeon. 'Sugar Daddy Live' is their tenth live album, among scores of other releases. At this point Melvins fans know to expect at least one release a year, not that the band line-up is nearly as consistent. This live disc, recorded at the Bust-a-Guts Club in California, offers much material from recent albums, “Nude With Boots” and “(a)Senile Animal,” but it also draws from much earlier work: “Eye Flys” is the first track

    And that version of “Eye Flys” is the heaviest I’ve heard yet. It lengthens the original by about three minutes, incorporating a double-drum beatdown before the familiar chugging drop. The Melvins are looser and...

  • My personal favorites from 2008

    5 Jan 2009, 20:01 by dave-tx

    2008 was as great a year in music as 2007 was lackluster. Narrowing down my list to 10 of my favorites was harder than finding 10 from last year. Lots of surprises, new discoveries, and old favorites that delivered the goods.

    My top ten:
    1. Dead Confederate "Wrecking Ball"
    Their eponymous EP was a nice prelude to this debut LP, but didn't hint at how great it would be. This thing has an undercurrent of discontent that doesn't just bubble, but roils with anguish. Stunningly awesome, and it digs deeper with every listen.
    Standout tracks include "The Rat", "Yer Circus", "It Was A Rose"

    2. Drive-By Truckers "Brighter Than Creation's Dark"
    Despite having a few songs that I think could have been left off and not missed, there's some dynamite songwriting by Cooley and Hood, plus strong contributions from Tucker.
    Standout tracks include "3 Dimes Down", "The Righteous Path", "Self-Destructive Zones"