• Top 8 albums of 2007

    19 Dec 2007, 22:11 by P-Dub

    I recently had the opportunity to list and publish the best eight albums of 2007; soul and hip hop. This is what I came up with after some headache and suffering. I had the top 7 crystal clear in my mind, but then suddenly choked with the eight album, choosing from like 20 different artists that I felt could have had it. But finally I had to settle for JE because it's such a rare thing with albums consisting of all slow jams these days.

    For those of you who don't understand swedish... Don't sweat it, you'll probably do just fine without my gay comments for every album.

    Oh, and for the record - if it would have been a cross-genre list, I probably would have put NIN at #2 and Interpol at 5 or 6. And Kent somewhere around 127.

    Without further iddish, the list:

    1. Median, Median's Relief, (Halftooth Records).
    Ett fängslande och medryckande album på temat ”the gift of giving, the pleasure of pleasing and receiving”. Och Median ger av sig själv - han är en karismatisk rappare med saker att säga och känslor att förmedla. …
  • Today, I appreciate my co-workers...

    28 Aug 2007, 21:28 by P-Dub

    ...obviously none of them is really into hip hop, at all. (Or great post-hardcore, for that matter). Our entertainment editor started cleaning out their lockers which were filled with lots of old promo cd's and mixtapes, and put them out for "sale" at work (=grab whatever u want and leave a few bucks to save the rainforest).

    I was a couple of hours late noticing, but that didn't stop me from picking up some much-wanted items. Especially happy I was for finding the "Runaway" single by Oscar Sharp and Melo plus Sparta's "Porcelain" (been looking for that all over Stockholm), but there was also tons of hiphop left that noone cared about. Without further ado, here's my shopping list:

    The Gift Of Gab - Fourth Dimensional Rocketships Going Up
    Raw Fusion Recordings - Inside Scandinavia vol. 2 (including Melo, Up Hygh etc)
    my Orchard - Silhouettes
    Lloyd Banks - The Hunger For More
    Enter Shikari - Take To The Skies