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  1. nobuko (小谷伸子、Kotani Nobuko).

  2. can/goo is a four person Japanese pop band led by TAPIKO. They first debuted in 2001 and is mostly associated with several anime soundtracks. An…

  3. Two artists are known in Japan.

    name: yuiko
    Birthday: May 18
    She belongs to doujin circle “Primary”.
    “ゆいこ” is used until 2008, and “yuiko” has…

  4. Honey Bee is the name of two artists:

    1. Honey Bee was the alias of Dutch pop singer Patricia Paay, active from the 1960s to the 1980s.

    2. Honey…

  5. We don't have a wiki here yet...
  6. Sena (瀬名) is the former name of Japanese singer-songwriter Shihori (しほり). She used this name from 2001 until January 31, 2011. She made her major…

  7. Maho Tomita (富田麻帆, Tomita Maho?, June 1, 1987) is a famous J-pop Artist and Actress born in Tokyo. She has a height of 1.57 meters. She is famous…

  8. Masami Nakatsukasa (中司雅美) is Japanese artist from Toyonakashi, Osaka, Japan. She is best recognized for performing songs for anime series such…

  9. Nano Hazuki (葉月なの), or also known as nayuta, is a female Japanese artist and seiyuu for various titles of drama CD. Nano Hazuki is her doujin…

  10. 怜奈 (Reina) is a vocalist who appeared with I've Sound for the remix album "I've Remix Style MIXED UP". She has made a few appearances since then.

  11. Chiaki Takahashi (たかはし 智秋; Takahashi Chiaki) also known as Tomoko Ishibashi, Nozomi Shibahara and/or Romi Saegusa born in Yokohama on May 8, 1977…

  12. We don't have a wiki here yet...
  13. Emyli (エミリ, b. April 23, 1988) is a Japanese pop singer. Her first album, "Flower of Life," was released in 2003. Since the release of her first…

  14. 岸本早未 (Hayami Kishimoto), born June 25, 1987, was a japanese pop singer on the GIZA label. She was known for her impressive singing/dancing abilities…

  15. Midorizaka Aaya

    Circle: Matrica



  16. Name: Takanashi Mako

    Circle: Utanoha


  17. namae: Yuka
    circle: Lotus root Orchestra
    www: http://yk.cage.to/

  18. Poppins is a duo consisting of Mai Nakahara and Shimizu Ai.
    The song Happy Cosmos is the ending theme of the DearS anime.

  19. name: Kahiena
    circle: Barbarian On The Groove
    www: http://www.astronotes.jp/kahiena/


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