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  • Avatar for NiNo_-
    Megan is now the vocalist of Beat The System band:
  • Avatar for heartbreakdown
    okay so what is she up to? I need new music. ♥
  • Avatar for DavisonDanilo
    I absolutely refuse to put the name 'MugZy' in my library. [2]
  • Avatar for rhorewyn
    So she posted after her weird RIP message saying: "MEGAN IS BUSY WRITING NEW TUNES, RECORDING AND PLANING FOR A TOUR IN 2014" so she's not actually dead. Not a great way to get that attention. Next time specify just your PERSONA is dying so your fans don't have a heart attack.
  • Avatar for rhorewyn
    what the hell? so is she dead? I can't find any news articles or anything regarding it. If it wasn't literal why hasn't someone responded to all the concerned tweets?
  • Avatar for ravenmccauley
    She's not dead, she will be back to music in 2014 with a new album, new record label, new style and yes, probably with a new stage name.
  • Avatar for sober-
    I think it's in a metaphorical way. Maybe she will start a new project or change her stage name or something like that soon, probably a more radical change
  • Avatar for kmac101
    Did she die? Her official twitter last posted in April, "R.I.P Megan Mugzy McCauley You will be greatly missed! <3"
  • Avatar for BloodHeartless
  • Avatar for sober-
    Better Than Blood will always be a true masterpiece to me, though I'm not very keen on the name change and the soul thing
  • Avatar for mitrado
    MugZy!? What the f*ck? What a ridiculous name. Has she lost a bet or something? I've been listening to her album for a couple of years now. I'll leave the tags with her real name. This new name is too ridiculous to even say it out loud. Even "Justin Bieber" sounds better. Bah.
  • Avatar for tripodthunder
    Tap That and Migraine are my favorites by a long shot!
  • Avatar for j-play2
    Working on new stuff, going for more of a soul sound.....can't wait to hear it :)
  • Avatar for RainStarry
    MugZy is amazingggg! Visit:
  • Avatar for j-play2
    Love her on YouTube!!
  • Avatar for lefthandside
    I absolutely refuse to put the name 'MugZy' in my iTunes library.
  • Avatar for sober-
    holy fuck she's on x factor us
  • Avatar for heartbreakdown
    "MugZy"? Really, Megan, really? I MEAN, REALLY MEGAN?+1
  • Avatar for jeanalisson2006
    "MugZy"? Really, Megan, really?
  • Avatar for VodkaMalicia
    the correct tag is ''MugZy'' :)
  • Avatar for itsmejonatas
    ela mudou pra MugZy ;s
  • Avatar for Sulisk
    Mega Songs
  • Avatar for kamy_strawberry
    My video playing WONDER :) I hope you guys like
  • Avatar for itsmejonatas
    Porcelain Doll s2
  • Avatar for rafaelnewkirk
    sorry, pop and soul today are the same shit.
  • Avatar for kellmsa
  • Avatar for dee1502dee
    She aint goin pop shes going soul
  • Avatar for Addicted2metall
    so much talented wasted on cliche pop shit aka the 2 new songs.
  • Avatar for sober-
    btw, Love & War is much better than Colder
  • Avatar for sober-
    should we start tagging her as MugZy?
  • Avatar for dee1502dee
    Brand new photos of Megan for Unsound Magazine! I gotta admit the new look is gorgeus! :D Especially i love the new hairstyle *---*
  • Avatar for rafaelnewkirk
    new song, "Love & War"
  • Avatar for Lulux1nhaxd
    similar to Megan McCauley x3
  • Avatar for Errrlend
    Can someone PM me her albums? <3 thanks
  • Avatar for itsmejonatas
  • Avatar for peace2daninjaz
    I can't help but wonder what it is you do <3
  • Avatar for rafaelnewkirk
    Brand new pic :)
  • Avatar for rafaelnewkirk
    I think this "Colder" is just a demo. If she re-record the demo, she can improve it, so becoming a good song. :)
  • Avatar for kellmsa
    Break You *____*
  • Avatar for j-play2
    New albums well on the way, from a producer at Trend Deff Studios. "I'll shoot u a heads up when the new album is out. It's def an amazing album and will certainly be worth the wait I assure you. Thanks so much for supporting" And "colder" should be on it!
  • Avatar for sober-
    Is Colder real guys? I can't believe she did such a bad song. I'm not expecting anything new anymore
  • Avatar for heartbreakdown
    we're ready for another album <3
  • Avatar for dee1502dee
    yay new pic
  • Avatar for rafaelnewkirk
    I hated colder u_u
  • Avatar for LaLagoodnight
  • Avatar for j-play2
  • Avatar for blackie-baby
  • Avatar for dee1502dee
    Oh im top listener :D yay shes amazing!!!
  • Avatar for rafaelnewkirk
    Where's the new album? ¬¬
  • Avatar for LouisaViolet
    I like her voice


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