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  • Avatar for corpsetastic
    Why the blue hell should this be rerecorded? The raw and eerie howl of Mustaine's primal warbling and scratchy frenetic doped up geetahrs is glorious, leave it be!
  • Avatar for samiskywalker
    This song remembers me a certain breakup </3 Makes my heart ache every time.
  • Avatar for witch-girl
    i really love this one <3
  • Avatar for abrick94
    it seems that Mustaine has sleepy voice on this record
  • Avatar for DrawFirstBlood
    my favourite Megadeth song, easily!
  • Avatar for IBrokeTheOath
    "megadeth should record the album again." Oh, hell no. Rerecords are almost never good and it especially wouldn't work with this. Mustaine just doesn't have the anger and energy that he used to.
  • Avatar for hadomaru
    Now you'll wish you had a God to stop your demolition
  • Avatar for web-knows
    great song
  • Avatar for Robesko
    1:54-2:04 O.O
  • Avatar for Minilaptop
    @tyrant666 Yeah, but i mean like megadeth should record the album again. That would be epic as hell!
  • Avatar for tyrant666
    @Minilaptop. There is a Remaster made in 2002!!!
  • Avatar for Minilaptop
    The album has a terrible soundquality though very good songs. i wish mustaine would re-release it
  • Avatar for metaljenjen
    Mustaine Rules!! \m/ Underated Album!!
  • Avatar for Wuzzly
    Is it just me or when Dave says "tonight" there's a hint of a british accent?
  • Avatar for ImSickAndTired
  • Avatar for Wuzzly
    About as perfect of a song Megadeth will ever make
  • Avatar for Silas-M
    nice, nice :D
  • Avatar for MaxZombie
    Looking down the cross, speak no evil!
  • Avatar for obscurusolitudo
    So dynamic, love it.
  • Avatar for tyrant666
    Awesome song!!!!
  • Avatar for emptycookiejar1
    Best song from Killing is My Business and one of my favorite Megadeth songs in general.
  • Avatar for dave_dave_
  • Avatar for DareDevilJMAN
  • Avatar for bjornoW12
    aaaaaaah i fucking love this song
  • Avatar for OctoberFogGloom
    So fucking awesome.
  • Avatar for Alavil
    excellent song, why is it so fucking underrated? :(
  • Avatar for Rottengorer
    one of the best songs megadeth has ever done
  • Avatar for emptycookiejar1
    Excellent song.
  • Avatar for Jim_Jim_666
    Probally my favorite on this cd.
  • Avatar for nilsaw
    This is an awesome-arse song...not the best one from the album though for me.. The whole album is a piece of one of those epic historic events that should be given the right respect...but is not...and which later goes on to become stuff of which legends are made off...
  • Avatar for Tarkus10
    Best song on KIMBABIG! [3]
  • Avatar for Ratamahattan
    Why they don't play it live now? I'd love to hear it.
  • Avatar for EddieTheMariner
    even with a "slow" song, megadeth kick ass!
  • Avatar for tyrant666
    Speak No Evil!! \M/
  • Avatar for DavCnuk
    ohh, guitar eargasm
  • Avatar for bradleyjay2
  • Avatar for Babafagucci
    the riff that kicks in at 1:53 is funky as hell, one of my favourites.
  • Avatar for reaganyouth77
    like this song
  • Avatar for NastyNASS7
  • Avatar for Che7779
  • Avatar for lanek1996
    Best song on KIMBABIG! [2]
  • Avatar for NotoriousMF
    Best song on KIMBABIG!
  • Avatar for DAVARRI616
    i don`t find any song so perfect for close a raw and wild album
  • Avatar for Meatwad555
    The greatest.
  • Avatar for MikeySchenker
    I can hear the influence of the police on 502 as well :p! Ok that was lame... like this song though...
  • Avatar for MegaDave89
    Love the intro 10/10 on the intro
  • Avatar for C-zom
    Have I mentioned how damn amazing the last minute is?
  • Avatar for picklesdoodily
    the intro solo is simply immaculate
  • Avatar for Megadieftw
    One of Megadeth's best songs [2] Just the fucking shit!
  • Avatar for Darkluklth
    One of Megadeth's best songs


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