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  • Avatar for spietsch
    Devin's got a new band! The Effects!
  • Avatar for irishtim
    Their latest album isn't really math rock, but their ep and Your Favorite People are very mathy.
  • Avatar for jowice
    niceee. but not really math rock.
  • Avatar for vilkonchus
    Cannot decide which Ocampo/Molter's band is better, Faraquet or Medications. Both are great.
  • Avatar for TNVW
    Reminds me a little of 31knots
  • Avatar for Lazteuq
    Medications very high quality album art for the 2004 EP: "Your Favorite People in One Place": and "Completely Removed":
  • Avatar for Lifeform26
    First listen: really good!
  • Avatar for patras522
    Completely removed is such an uplfiting record!
  • Avatar for kcwyckoff
    awesome band. glad to have heard of them.
  • Avatar for summerfences
    these dischord jams
  • Avatar for SaucyPete
    i would like to see these guyzz
  • Avatar for xdelphist
    Math rock?
  • Avatar for irishtim
    Just listened to Your Favorite People after shelving it for a while and was reminded why I love these guys so much.
  • Avatar for toilet_pedro
  • Avatar for strawberryffuck
    we could be sober!
  • Avatar for welker_69d
    they make me wanna study math all day long
  • Avatar for sawaawawa
    brasil '07 is the perfect wake up alarm <3
  • Avatar for ChiEqualsBlood
    long live this musically inspired inspiration!
  • Avatar for TooYoungTooHot
    wow this is some downright chyyll shit!
  • Avatar for explodingnsound
    be sure to check out MEDICATIONS on Exploding In Sound's SONIC WAVES compilation along with 20 other great bands including Oceansize, Alberta Cross, Karnivool, Shoes And Socks Off, Tera Melos, and more. Grab the FREE DOWNLOAD at
  • Avatar for Nalex83
    @16N0R4N7, There you go.
  • Avatar for MichaelDixon
    New record is a complete rip off of Field Music, painfully so. Still enjoy it though.
  • Avatar for 16N0R4N7
    ¿New record? ¿any link?
  • Avatar for aaaaaaaah
  • Avatar for Draomere
    i need to find a way to see these guys live.
  • Avatar for guile666
    I love Completely Removed. [2]
  • Avatar for andy_est_en_feu
    I love Completely Removed.
  • Avatar for jonngibson
    new album sounds like it should've came before Your Favourite People, still good though
  • Avatar for johnny-mnemonic
    great new record ... deserves way more attention
  • Avatar for irishtim
    The voice sounds different because Chad is sharing vocal duties with the bassist on a lot of the songs. It's one aspect of the new album which I love.
  • Avatar for Radieschenkarl
    i like the sound of the new album, although it deviates from your favourite people. and the voice sounds different on a lot of songs. but it's a great record and most importantly no copy of previous works.
  • Avatar for dav_s
    I need to get my hands on this new album.
  • Avatar for knight_88
    Completely Removed is amazing. [2] :)
  • Avatar for karasop
    I agree with irishtim. Where is the energy they used to have? I was hoping for more math in their rock. But it's a great album still...
  • Avatar for irishtim
    Completely Removed is great. I do miss the energetic, spastic drum sound they had on Your Favorite People though.
  • Avatar for roadside
    do they have another guitar that plays live?
  • Avatar for shownandtold
    Completely Removed is amazing. amazing.
  • Avatar for deeperthewound
    Long Day is killer.
  • Avatar for therottingstrip
    I had super high hopes for "Completely Removed" and it does not disappoint.
  • Avatar for spietsch
    and it's amazing!
  • Avatar for therottingstrip
    it's out now on dischord!!
  • Avatar for spietsch
    30sec clips of the new album can be found here
  • Avatar for spietsch
    Bring on the new album! Woohoo!
  • Avatar for irishtim
    April 20, 2010. Probably one of the most anticipated releases for me this year. New song up on myspace is pretty cool.
  • Avatar for spietsch
    @brokenear: Yes please! Cannot wait!
  • Avatar for irishtim
    That's probably some of the best news I've heard in quite some time!
  • Avatar for brokenear
    Medications have wrapped up recording and mixing their new album, Completely Removed, and if all goes as planned it should be released on CD/LP/MP3 in April 2010.
  • Avatar for lubipa
    does anybody have the lyrics pls?
  • Avatar for isaacq
    more more more hurry up guys!!
  • Avatar for smokingfiona
    The ep is great, now I'm waiting for the lp to arrive!


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