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Medi@lize, is a band that had their first live on 2008/04/17 at HOLIDAY SHINJUKU. The band concept, Cyber Anime/Manga World, where they play music with the band´s Mascot. The band had to "Turn Off" (They say it this way) which is pause current activities, thanks to Vocalist 言葉(Kotonoha), who left them before the release of their second Maxi-Single. The Band paused activities on 2008/10/14 at HOLIDAY SHINJUKU. Medi@lize looses Bassist 彩月(Satsuki) during hiatus, also synthesizer みゆ changed his name to 透ch(Toru Chang), and finally came back 2010/01/07 at HOLIDAY SHINJUKU with their new vocalist けけ(ヶ´∀`)(keke). Soon after the revival synthesizer 透ch decided to leave the band on March 22 at HOLIDAY SHINJUKU.

Medi@lize are:
Vo. けけ(ヶ´∀`) ( → Medi@lize )
Gu. 祐稀 (Arege (as ゆきち) → CLOCKWORK PUMPKINS (as YU-KI) → SUZZY & CAROLINE → Magical Adventure (as ゆきち then YU-KI) → Medi@lize → 音画死 (as 桜澤祐稀) → オトガデッド オトガデッド & Medi@lize )
Dr. 神Q ( SOPHYRMiraVillsエトセトラ (Support) → Magical Adventure (as KAZUYA) → とわいぬ。→ Medi@lize )
Mascot. AYA ( → Medi@lize )

Vo. 言葉 ( RoguecAt → とわいぬ。 (as 隼也) → Medi@lize → (Retired/Disappeared) )
Ba. 彩月 ( とわいぬ。→ Medi@lize )
Syn. みゆ ( Berallwarp Rheim (Bass as Lily) → Sylmeria (as 美憂-みゆぅ-) → とわいぬ。(as 美憂) → Medi@lize → 美女♂men Vlossom)

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