• #126 -- final straw.. I'M MOVING TO TOKYO!

    13 Jul 2008, 04:17 by Cloverbell

    Y'know I took a mini break from j-pop and the usual stuff I grasp on to for something more European. My tastes (as well as my mind) change like day and night it seems.

    Granted I missed the new RAM RIDER dj sets. This is the consequence of not having any money. Okay.. given up on that. I'll take my time gathering interesting CDs and these things shouldn't change so fast. Right?

    But this thing I am about to show you may knock your socks off and maybe some of your clothes too. Especially you men out there with a fetish for Japanese women. No sissy games, listen up!

    Ladies... roll the clip. :|
    DJ KYOKO!! :O :O That same girl who added me on myspace a year ago. I KNOW HERRRRR I KNOW HERRR!
    The more upsetting part of this realization is that WHY AM I THE ONLY PERSON FREAKING OUT?
    Why won't anyone celebrate this overdose of dopamine and wonder and most of all ... soul crushing devastation! Because how in the world am I going to get a copy…