• The Sound of the Essential

    23 Mar 2006, 17:54 by arielb

    Hi there.

    This is the best moment for a review; "Arielb - the best of 2005". Why? I'm 26 now (my birthday was three days ago!!) and I feel like writing a short description of what've been the most treasured moments.

    This has been a great year.

    Thru last.fm, I discovered tons of music. The first amazing thing that I found out (about two days after I was registered, on March 3rd) was Muse, which instantly became my #1 listened-to artist (as soon as I got their complete discography). In my opinion, they are one of the most original bands since Nirvana & Korn. I love the fact that they can be tender (Blackout) and heavy (The Small Print (Tsp)) and so much more. The mixture between the delicate sound of an acoustic piano and the agressive & dirty saturation of Matt's guitars are the best (New Born). You can experience so many different things at the same time. Matt's vocals are something very particular. He can change from Phil Anselmo (Pantera) to Jeff Buckley in a matter of seconds.