• Review #14: Maximilian Hecker - One Day (2008) [Portuguese]

    2 Nov 2009, 22:19 by RaulRoque
    One Day - Maximilian Hecker
    "Apesar de belo e ser o álbum mais alegre de Hecker, o ligeiro declínio é constatável"
    Detalhes do Álbum:

    Nome/Músico: Maximilian Hecker
    Nome/Álbum: One Day
    Lançado: 25 de Novembro de 2008
    Gênero: Rock/Alternativo
    Duração: 42:26
    Gravadora: Pastel Music
    Produtores: Guy Sternberg

    Embora pouco conhecido mundialmente, o alemão Maximilian Hecker adquiriu significativa popularidade na ásia oriental (especialmente na China) nos últimos anos, fato que o fez divulgar massivamente seu novo e quinto álbum de estúdio, "One Day", por essas bandas mais uma vez. O músico fora marcado na cena indie por canções como Polyester, a não menos melancólica The Days Are Long And Filled With Pain, Daylight e Fool, faixas que envolvem um relaxante, porém doloroso e angustiante implemento sonoro e lírico. …
  • My Top Albums of 2005

    29 Jan 2006, 18:03 by scifisuede

    MY TOP 12 ALBUMS OF 2005
    Why 12? Because there were so many releases I like from 2005, and I can't choose which 2 to drop from this already condensed list. I don't usually like making lists like this, because I can never remember which album is released on which year. However for the same reason as above I feel like writing my first one right now. Here goes, and here's hoping that I didn't misinclude any 2004 releases in this....

    Coles Corner
    I'm in love with this album, could be one of my top albums ever. The cover art depicts the music perfectly, just as I always visualise his music: night atmosphere with sparkling lights. Maybe because the almost-unrealistic beauty of it gives me an impression of a calm, cool, hazy night adorned with jewels of sparkling lights. You know, when you're slumped in a car at nights like that, and you feel tired from the day but not down, just drowsy, content and calm; and you look outside at the glimmering city lights and feel peaceful. That's how his music makes me feel.