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  • Avatar for xferior
    amazing luck indeed
  • Avatar for Gu574vo_wm25
    Someone could please give me a light on how to find anything from Solo Series? There are only links from dead filehosts.
  • Avatar for blancheflower
    Just so everyone knows, Matt has a new 'mix-tape' available on Bandcamp. Check it out here:
  • Avatar for Ghost_train
    Matricidal Sons of Bitches is hilarious.
  • Avatar for bananademon
    murve33- None of the Solos albums are sold digitally or on CD, though rips for all except Death in Life and Arrested on Charges of Unemployment are online. I was a subscriber to the series and am dying for iPod-ready versions of those two records myself!
  • Avatar for cabfedhig
    MSoB is so very good.
  • Avatar for hullerombuller
    Latest album is really great. Almost made it to the top ten on my list of the 100 best releases of 2012.
  • Avatar for bopapocalypse
    new album is fucking perfect.
  • Avatar for Under_Radar_Mag
    Our review of Matthew Friedberger's new album:
  • Avatar for justfetus
    ehhhh, not as good as FF
  • Avatar for murve33
    And Artemisia is fantastic, for the record. There are tons of instruments on that record. The last one is half piano, half synth. It's alright.
  • Avatar for murve33
    Just buy the albums if you want them so bad, to those looking for them. Aren't they offered digitally?
  • Avatar for blancheflower
    Anyone have a link to the bonus records? Artemisia and Goodbye Forever?
  • Avatar for jefferenery
    Pleeeease can someone send me a link to Death-In-Life please?
  • Avatar for veemignon
    I felt the need to drop by and express my utter adoration for Holy Ghost Language School. That is all.
  • Avatar for lovelovelover
    Matthew Friedberger is a fucking genius. You can get all of the LP's on amazon I think... I wish I had gotten the subscription, because I think they get 2 bonus LP's. I do love that these are only on vinyl. I feel like I'm a part of this amazing secret that only a priveleged few get to experience :)
  • Avatar for blancheflower
    Anybody have copies of Death-In-Life or Cut It Out? Having trouble tracking these down, yo.
  • Avatar for hullerombuller
    Rating SOLOS so far: 1. Meet Me In Miramas 2. Napolénette 3. Old Regimes 4. Cut It Out... I really enjoy them all though. Really looking forward to Death-In-Life at the moment. Roll on organ orgy!
  • Avatar for blancheflower
    Who's heard the new one?
  • Avatar for bananademon
    CUT. IT. OUT.
  • Avatar for blancheflower
    Old Regimes is definitely my favourite, so far. Weirdest, maybe... but that harp puts me in a good mood.
  • Avatar for jefferenery
    Can't wait for the next one with Harp/Vocals.
  • Avatar for hullerombuller
    I actually think I prefer the Meet Me In Miramas album to the Napolénette album. But it´s a close call.
  • Avatar for hullerombuller
    I REALLy enjoyed the Napolénette album. Looking forward to the slew of upcoming music from Friedberger. I do hope there will/would be more ditties in the vein of "North to..." though...
  • Avatar for stereocase
    i really want to be this dude
  • Avatar for bananademon
    Great record, I gotta say. I'm really happy I got the subscription. :D
  • Avatar for bentclouds
    Got Napoléonette in the mail today. Pretty stoked about it. I think limiting Matt to one instrument is a smart move to counter his ADD-ways.
  • Avatar for mattgetsit
  • Avatar for MiskaMarie
    What a bro.
  • Avatar for magicalsushi
    Yep, I'm with Martin on this. It's completely useless to me if it's only available on vinyl, so there's really no point in me subscribing. Shame really; I'd like to support Matt Friedberger but I can't justify paying for something I can't use.
  • Avatar for MartinSFP
    I would subscribe but the lack of a digital version leaves me cold. Vinyl's nice as a collector's item but I don't want to have to mess around to get it onto my computer. Just give us digital downloads with the vinyl... makes sense or I'll never actually get to listen to it. Also, it's nearly double the price to order from outside North America. I actually feel quite cheated by this as I love Matt's music. Rant over.
  • Avatar for mattgetsit
    new matthew friedberger AND fiery furnaces....I just died and weant to heaven...
  • Avatar for bananademon
    Eight new albums next year, who else is subscribing?
  • Avatar for MiskaMarie
    beck wishes he was as good as matthew friedberger [2]
  • Avatar for GParv
    New Matt Friedberger Interview!
  • Avatar for willers
    beck wishes he was as good as matthew friedberger
  • Avatar for slunkie
    Matt Friedberger got pwnd by Beck.
  • Avatar for jfolzz
    i wish this guy didn't suck at making music otherwise he might be good
  • Avatar for ilikequarters
    so right and real, it must be right and real
  • Avatar for jamygabb
  • Avatar for seeeasick
    I still can't get enough of this.
  • Avatar for jamygabb
    But with so much more talent than John Mayer!
  • Avatar for justfetus
    This man is a genius.
  • Avatar for jamygabb
    He sorta does look like Michael Showalter...but Matthew doesn't have the nose.
  • Avatar for stevehazzard
    Probably my hero...managed to see the Furnaces nearly every time they've played around here, and this man can do it all...great songs, great pianist, can really shred on guitar when he has to, nice melding of pop and experimental...and he looks just like Michael Showalter!
  • Avatar for lunawhistler
    Just began listening to it. I'm very impressed!
  • Avatar for seeeasick
    I can't get enough of this.
  • Avatar for ihateRBF
    I agree, the vocals are way too low. Great zany tunes though.
  • Avatar for criscodisco17
    I am the biggest fiery furnaces fan, but i cant seem to find holy ghost/winter women anywhere... can anyone help me obtain the album somehow?
  • Avatar for MiniMe_Miri
    Ah and I love Winter Women better; I like it sounds bad, haha. I'm from Hong Kong, bought his album because I heard Do you like Blondes in HMV.


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