• First half of 2010 in review

    3 Jul 2010, 21:13 by supertovah

    My top 25 artists of the first 6 months of 2010...

    T24. Phil Wickham- 27 plays, #175 overall
    -I love this guy. He's newly discovered for me that's why he's only 175 overall, but I really like him.

    T24. Black Eyed Peas- 27 plays, #49 overall
    -Kind of a guilty pleasure, I admit it, I'm a fan

    23. Ben Rector- 29 plays, #188 overall
    -First heard of him in early May when I saw him open for Dave Barnes in Chapel Hill, but I absolutely LOVE him!

    22. Francesca Battistelli- 31 plays, #25 overall
    -Love her lyrics

    21. Jeremy Camp- 36 plays, #27 overall

    20. Tenth Avenue North- 37 plays, #18 overall
    -I'm surprised they're all the way down at 20. I guess I listened to them alot on Pandora though...

    T17. Matt Papa- 38 plays, #151 overall
    -Another new discovery. I go to school with him! Love the song "Open Hands"

    T17. Brandon Heath- 38 plays, #120 overall
    -I didn't really get into him too much until lately, but I love his music. "Love Never Fails" is great.